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There’s nothing like getting to the end of the day, knowing you got a lot done. How do you get to that point? Ever have days where you just don’t seem to be organized, where your mind wanders, or you just don’t feel like being at work? Those days are often less than productive. It can also be tough to avoid putting off unpleasant or daunting tasks until the next day. To avoid that thinking, read this great article. As a business owner, you have more at stake than others do and your desire to start your day productively should come easily every day. What do you do when it doesn’t?

Getting a good start to your day is critical

Yes, this is where we address the importance of starting your day early and refreshed. Seems like that’s too simple of an answer, but it’s surprising how many business owners burn the candle at both ends, staying up late at night in the office or at home dealing with work issues. This can lead to getting to bed very late,  getting up later, being foggy in the morning and reducing sleep. None of these are good ways to get into the mindset of being productive in your business, and all of them lead to worse habits and practices later. 

Tips for getting up early and in the right mindset

The most productive business owners and entrepreneurs find ways to start out the day early and enthusiastic. Here are some of their secrets to success:

  • Have a regular bedtime – What was true when you were a kid is even more true as an adult. Your mind and body can develop a cycle of sleeping and waking but you have to be consistent. Try not to watch TV, be on your computer or phone screen for at least an hour before you intend to sleep. Reading, listening to music or audio books combined with a relaxing shower or bath can help. The earlier you are used to falling asleep, the earlier you can awaken. Don’t forget to exercise at least a bit and eat properly to encourage restful sleep.
  • Have a morning routine – A morning walk, exercise, reading, making your breakfast smoothie, journaling or chatting at the breakfast table with your family can go a long way in establishing your mental and physical rhythms for waking up your mind. Even making your bed as soon as you awaken can set the tone for an early task completion. Don’t allow yourself that extra few minutes of sleep and end up flying out the door without eating and rushing to the office. It’s a bad start.
  • Peer and mentor inspiration and accountability – Every good leader makes themselves accountable to somebody. Schedule phone calls or meetings with those in your office or respected mentors in your industry. Talk about your vision and immediate and long-terms goals. Get ideas and ask for help. A business owner who feels like they are on their own can burn out fast.

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Posted on August 28th, 2019 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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