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What Are The Best Social Media Platforms For Your Business?

Digital Marketing has never been more important to small business owners in getting the word out about their products and services. It’s imperative that companies have an effective and far-reaching internet presence so not only are they found by their potential customers but shine above a red-ocean of competitors in their community. Social Media Platforms are one of many tools for creating your total digital marketing plan. They’re a great way to get your brand out there because it’s free, and done carefully, a vital way to reach a massive amount of people in your community who might need your products and services. For tips on putting together your social media strategy, read this.

Who Runs Your Social Media Platforms?

Many business owners worry that they don’t have time to deal with multiple or maybe any social media accounts because they don’t have an affinity for it, they aren’t great writers, they’re intimidated by digital technology or they simply don’t have the time. While your company’s followers might appreciate hearing from the owner at times, your accounts don’t have to be managed by you; any employee with the right skills can do it. Too few or no employees? Social Media management is a great job to assign to your Virtual Assistant.

Social Media Platform Choices

While building your social media strategy, you’ll need to decide which platforms are best suited to  your industry and small business. You’ll also need to decide how many you want to maintain. There are many choices. To see which ones are worth the effort for your industry, think about your demographic and which one of these platforms cater to it best:

  • Facebook – By far the largest social media platform, Facebook reaches over 2 billion active users. You may not need to reach near that number in your community, but these incredible numbers suggest that 82% of people online in your neighborhood visit Facebook regularly for entertainment, news and social connections. Growing numbers of users search Facebook specifically for local businesses before finding their website. Facebook also offers inexpensive post boosting and targeted ads. Though it’s not the edgiest or most hip platform, it’s the most universally used social platform for all age groups.
  • Instagram – Owned by Facebook, this is the second largest platform with 1 billion regular users. While many ages do use this platform, Instagram caters mostly to a younger audience from 15 to 49, with a high concentration of teenagers. The platform posts make great use of photographs, with some features available only on mobile devices rather than PCs.
  • Twitter – The numbers drop to 326 million active users, but still a high reach. Over 80% of Twitter users only do so on their phones and half of those use the platform daily or multiple times per day. There are slightly higher number of male users vs female, the opposite of all preceding platforms. 74% s users access Twitter for their news, and 85% of small businesses provide customer service over Twitter.

There are many other platforms worth mentioning but getting a handle on these first three is a good start. Once you begin working with your social media accounts, use them to link followers to your interesting, fresh content from your business website.

photo credit: Shahid Abdullah

Posted on August 21st, 2019 by Client Advocate Team

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