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Blogging For Your Small Business

Your marketing plan for your small business can include a variety of tools. Today, it’s important understand what those tools are, which are important for your particular business as well as how to best implement them. One of those tools is blogging. In case you wonder about the usefulness of blogging as part of your marketing plan for our business, check out this article.

How Should You Start a Blog?

Once you’ve decided to start a blog for your company, you’ll want to think about the kinds of blogs you could write. It helps to list out the reasons you have for writing to begin with. Are you working to establish your company as the leading expert in your field? Do you simply want to connect with your community? Are you trying to get new customers, or perhaps get your current customers to help you spread the word? Regardless of your initial reason for writing a blog, there will be other benefits as well, since blogging has become a great way to get personal with your customer base, making them feel trust and loyalty toward your brand. From there, you can branch out into several topics, some based on the seasons, holidays or promotions.

Types of Blogs

Your reasons for blogging can be categorized into useful topics or articles that maintain the flow of communication with your clients. These are just a few goals for blogging and the topics that can be covered.

  • Company Awareness – There’s really no point in writing anything if nobody knows your company exists. Start out with a few topics that highlight who you are and what you do: Your company history, company news and progress, profiles of the owner and employees, tell stories about your team and their projects.
  • Expert in your field – Let your customers know you are the ones to call when they need your products or services. This is easy to do by blogging  about industry advances, tips and reviews about products, Di it yourself blogs, or mythbusting ideas that many have about your industry that are not what they think.
  • Community Care – How does your company fit as a solid business member of your community? Do you donate to or hold fundraising for local charities? Talk about how your company gets active in local concerns, or how it provides for residents, or perhaps participates in local holiday traditions.
  • Building trust and relationship with customers – Blogging about positive customer experiences can be very powerful. Interview a loyal customer and let them tell customers why they trust your company. Poll your readers about new products or services, post contests. Find ways for the customer to have a voice in your blog.

No matte what type of blog you start, it’s important for you to stay consistent in providing new content on a regular schedule. If the owner doesn’t always have time, some topics you choose could even be written by a virtual assistant. Many VAs specialize in blogging for various types of businesses, saving you time, and building your positive online presence.

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Posted on September 4th, 2019 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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