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Great Marketing Blog Topics

There is a common misconception about what a blog actually is. They started out being an avenue for personal expression which developed followers who had the blogs sent to their newsfeeds, like having a magazine or newspaper delivered to your front door. Today, your best blog content starts on personal and company websites, not blog sites and you don’t find them by category in chat rooms or forums so much as on social media.

Primarily, blogs are regular postings written more causally than “articles” but on a schedule with varying themes. These postings almost always find their readers by having their links posted on corresponding social media sites. Those links get shared by the company’s followers and then, if you’re lucky, outside the inner circle, which multiplies your followers. To know how a VA can help with social media marketing for your company, go here.

Marketing Blog Topics

Let’s be honest; although you may enjoy the idea of your company gaining prestige or expert reputations in your filed, the point of any blogging ultimately is to create or hang onto business. To grow your business, you come up with a marketing plan, which could include several types of blog topics. What are they?

  • Ask the expert – Posting a Q & A with an expert at your company (perhaps even you) written in first or  third person can be extremely effective at educating your customers regarding your industry. It will show why your company is the one to trust. Have the expert talk about typical customer problems and how they’re easily solved.
  • DIY – Depending on your business, a few DIY tutorials may seem counter-intuitive. Why hire you to do something that you might teach them how to do? To start with, your DIY videos or blogs are a way to show your community of patrons that you care. Most customers just want the job done. If your video shows you are competent, they will often still opt for you to do the repair anyway to get it off their plate.
  • Write about success – With few exceptions, people ready to spend money n a big job or purchase will want a few recommendations. Posting customer testimonials and  success stories from your team can be very effective at putting your expertise and quality front and center. 
  • – Blogging about issues your industry deals with during holidays, during certain seasons (think “back to school” or “cancer awareness” month) can show your company’s relevancy to their lives. Putting that timely spin on your business can create community for customer and company alike.  
  • Recount experiences; tell stories– Have you been to an industry conference, been recognized for something, or had a specific life experience that impacted your belief in your industry? Describe or recount what you’ve learned so our followers feel “in the Loop.”

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Posted on September 25th, 2019 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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