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Happy People Habits

Everyone wants to be happy. Ideally, everything we do should have the ultimate goal of leading to our happiness. If that’s true, why are there so many unhappy people, especially at work? Bitterness, disappointment and depression are invasive and contagious but so is happiness. Being productive at work and home helps. Check out this article to address that. Resolve to cultivate your happiness and see how you could “infect” and transform your home, your community and work environment with your contagious joy and contentment.

Make Being Happy a Habit

Being happy is more than just practicing positivity, but that’s a great start. Here are some ideas for creating that positive space for your heart, body and mind:

  • Practice gratitude – Sure, there are always things that disappoint us, but dwelling on what we can’t control isn’t helpful. Think about those things that go right and be thankful for what you do have. Start your day by listing all your blessings regardless of what you think has been bad. Share a thankful moment with your family, and don’t wait till Thanksgiving to do it. Focus each day on at least three to five things you are grateful for. You’re still breathing, so we’ve helped you with at least one thing to start with. Thankfulness not only contributes to happiness, but also general health and wellbeing.
  • Be a Giver – Since you know you are blessed, turn around and be a blessing. People who make a practice of giving their time, care and resources to those with needs feel better about themselves and their own lives. Seeing appreciation from receivers can feel awesome, even if they don’t realize where the help came from. Teach your family to be givers by volunteering at a local charity or start one yourselves.
  • Self-care – Getting sleep, eating properly and getting exercise helps your body function well, clears your mind and produces happiness-inducing endorphins. So many people take this for granted but our busy schedules more often than not reduce all three of these areas, with stress, poor health, disease and destructive habits as the result. Say no to stress. Take care of yourself.
  • Learn a new skill – Regardless of your age, you can always grow creatively. Learn a style of dance, a new cooking technique, how to play a new instrument or take up painting. Learn a language or try a new sport. Learning at any age not only keeps you sharp, but helps you not feel stuck in an old life or old ways. Focus on enriching your life with experiences. Not only will it help you unplug but you’ll be sharper and fresher for you regular work and can lead to more enjoyable relationships.
  • Create personal goals – Along with creative pursuits, what have you always wanted to do? Study your family tree? Travel outside the country? Become more fit? Take more time to enjoy life? Think of personal goals which have measurable and achievable actions. Seeing your life progress through growth and accomplishments can add greatly to general happiness. Make a plan to start that non-profit, or get that certification, or volunteer for your local church or community charity.

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Posted on September 11th, 2019 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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