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To Blog or Not to Blog

It’s tough to go on some websites or online articles and not run into somebody’s blog. There are many kinds of blogs, but for business, they range from personal blogs to industry-related to community interest. Do you need a blog for your company? Do you want one? You’re a busy small business owner; we get it. If you’re going to do something that takes your time, you want to make sure it’s useful.

Who Should Post a blog?

Perhaps the best way to decide whether you should have a blog is to line up the pros and cons, or better yet, who should post and who perhaps should not:

Company’s should post a blog if they want to: 

  • Be the expert in your field or industry – If becoming the go-to company in your field is important for good business, and it usually is, create a regular blog to share tips, videos, and educational DIY stories which create trust with your customers and community.
  • Show your community care – Do you have real-world experiences with your community that you want to share with your customers? A company that helps the community is what we all want, right? Show how you care and act on it with stories and articles about charity events, donations and food drives.
  • Enhance and draw people to your website – Blogs are the most common aspect of websites which can be linked to your social media pages. These links to interesting or engaging content bring followers back to your site where they can further investigate your company and understand why your company is awesome, without a sales pitch. SEOs also respond well to blogs and can affect a better placement of your Google and other search listings, which draw people to your site as well.
  • Enjoy writing, editing and creating your blog – Some CEOs and owners have mad writing skills, but many don’t. If you happen to enjoy writing, blogging may be a great outlet for you and your company.

Company’s should NOT post a blog if they: 

  • Are terrible writers – Don’t bother if writing is something you hate to do, or you’re simply bad at it. Never post articles with poor content or low grammatic quality, which can do more harm than good.
  • Are too busy – Even good writers might not have the time. You’re trying to run a business, right? If you don’t have the time or patience to put out consistent, regular content, then blogging is not for you.
  • Not interested enough to come up with good topics – Hard to imagine a CEO not being interested in their own industry content, but hey, we’re not judging.

If your responses to this criteria appears to say you shouldn’t blog, think again. Every company can not only benefit from a blog, but they really should write one. For each of the issues that might keep an owner from blogging, there is the same easy solution. Hiring a virtual assistant is gets it done. It’s affordable, and VAs are trained as skilled writers with time and imagination to chose blog topics based on your industry. They can create a full schedule of posts based on your marketing plan. Once you decide to write our blog, read what to put in your blogs.

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Posted on September 27th, 2019 by Client Advocate Team

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