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Create a Healthy Work Culture

Healthy work culture

Like countries and families, every organization has its own unique culture. A company’s values, traditions, priorities, people and work processes shape the overall cultural vibe in that business or entity. When people feel comfortable at work, they tend to be more productive and stay with the company longer, even without increased benefits or pay; this is a healthy work culture. There are many ways a company can develop a toxic or unpleasant culture; those who do, often have high turnover and spiraling numbers. If a toxic culture is not addressed soon enough, it bleeds into the success of the business, not only losing workers but customers. What is your work culture like?

Ways to develop a positive work culture

Have you ever quit a job that gave you headaches or nightmares, and soon after, drove past the building and realized that the words “the bad place” formed in your mind as you looked in that building’s direction? If you have a business, you never want that to be how your employees think of your company. Happily, there are many things you can do to help create a more positive culture for your workplace.

  • Get Employees to Engage – Find ways to make your employees care enough to actively seek connection with your brand, the company vision and goals, the other workers, and even management. Starting at the top; hiring great managers who treat subordinates fairly and wisely is the best first step. You’re your managers become positive people. Employees who feel respected and treated well tend to care a lot more about contributing to the company’s success. Not tolerating gossip or toxic behavior will also give good employees the safety they need to be open to you.
  • Improve multi-level communication – Many times, employees feel disconnected or frustrated when departments or levels of management give contradicting instructions or training. Make sure the brand, vision and message are consistent across departments and levels. Provide opportunities for meetings where questions can be addressed. As a small business owner, you might also be a manager over your employees and virtual assistants. They need to hear directly and regularly from you to know or expectations, but also to be sure they receive feedback.
  • Be flexible with schedules and workspaces – Allowing workers to have some say over their hours and workspace provides personal ownership of what ultimately you need them to do for you. 
  • Raise employee retention– Relatively few people who stay with a job or company for many years will tell you it was for the huge paycheck. The same steps you took to make a better culture, will also raise retention, which, in itself, will also improve the attitude in your company culture. Earned pay raises, feedback- positive and negative, and give opportunities to train or work toward promotions.  
Posted on October 31st, 2019 by Client Advocate Team

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