Delegate, Focus, and GROW Your Business

The Charitable Small Business


Small businesses should consider working with charities and doing community service year-round. Serving the community they work in not only shows they care about more than the bottom line, but can do some real good, encouraging a culture of giving and helping to make the world they work in a bit better. It’s also not bad for business since statistics show that customers today tend to develop loyalty for brands that support causes, they care about. Good leadership also involves giving your employees a chance to give back.

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Gratitude- A Great Way to Run Your Business


You don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving to start thinking about what you’re grateful for. In fact, running your business with an air of gratitude is a great way to connect with customers and employees as well as friends and family. It sets your company apart and engenders deserved trust throughout every level of your business. Want to reduce turnover with your staff while developing employees you can be proud of and trust? Show them gratitude. Want to invest in customer loyalty? Showing gratitude for their business goes a long way. You can even show gratitude for your community’s support. It always pays to show gratitude to others, so they feel good about the relationship they have with you whether it’s as an owner or partner, a client, vendor or as an employer.

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