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Small businesses should consider working with charities and doing community service year-round. Serving the community they work in not only shows they care about more than the bottom line, but can do some real good, encouraging a culture of giving and helping to make the world they work in a bit better. It’s also not bad for business since statistics show that customers today tend to develop loyalty for brands that support causes, they care about. Good leadership also involves giving your employees a chance to give back.

Give Back to Your Community

While large corporations tend to have more resources to spend on charitable causes, small businesses can play a huge role in their own communities. A few things to remember when choosing and supporting your particular cause:

  • Relevant to your brand – A writer is encouraged to “write what they know.” Likewise, your company will be better equipped to donate or serve in the area of your business. Do you create or install HVAC systems? How about offering to update some parts or labor for the local non-profit shelter AC or furnace? Not only can you do this better than others could, but you’ll help perpetuate your image as the local expert in that field. The news coverage will give your community an easy way to remember who to call when they need your services. In the end, you’ve also shown compassion to the needy and helped a non-profit with a huge burden. Everybody wins.
  • Get customers involved – Perhaps your customers come from a group or community that cares deeply about a particular cause. Let them help you choose the charity and how to help. They may even volunteer directly. Not only is that spreading community goodwill, but developing a partnership between you and your customers.
  • Service Industries  – Perhaps your product is a service. Say your company teaches computer training or coordinate events for corporations. Either of those services could benefit a non-profit organization directly. Offering free technical or software classes to a non-profit’s office staff can help their administration be more effective. An event coordinating company could plan and run fundraisers for the non-profit. You can have a virtual assistant assist in extra duties that you don’t want to give to regular employees.
  • Match your giving with your company values – Of course you’d like to earn tax deductions for charitable giving, but hopefully, living up to your good company values will be what sets the tone for your year of charity. Gifts of cash, property and equipment or expenses incurred for travel when helping that charity are the usual types of deductions your company can take. Services aren’t usually covered the same way, so make sure your reasons for helping out are clear. Choose a charity whose mission is in line with what your company stands for and don’t ultimately do it for the tax benefits. Your community will notice either way.
Posted on November 13th, 2019 by Client Advocate Team

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