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Gratitude- A Great Way to Run Your Business


You don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving to start thinking about what you’re grateful for. In fact, running your business with an air of gratitude is a great way to connect with customers and employees as well as friends and family. It sets your company apart and engenders deserved trust throughout every level of your business. Want to reduce turnover with your staff while developing employees you can be proud of and trust? Show them gratitude. Want to invest in customer loyalty? Showing gratitude for their business goes a long way. You can even show gratitude for your community’s support. It always pays to show gratitude to others, so they feel good about the relationship they have with you whether it’s as an owner or partner, a client, vendor or as an employer.

Walking Out Your Company’s Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is good for your soul and is one of several Happy People Habits. If you’re wondering what running your business with gratitude would look like, here are a few suggestions for seasonal, monthly, weekly and even daily actions which can positively affect all levels of your business organization.

  • Employees and Partners  – Happy employees and co-workers make for happy customers. Your employees and even partners can probably go elsewhere for their income, and if they can find it closer, the better chance they will leave. What incentives can you give them to stay? Gratitude can address most of that issue.
    • Recognition and rewards- Show them your appreciation for their hard work and dedication every chance you get. Sometimes it’s as simple as a daily pat on the back or nod in a staff meeting. How about using social media to brag about your staff online? Spontaneous lunches brought in, or a Margarita Friday beginning off time an hour early to blow off steam develops relationship.
    • Conveniences -Do they have a break lounge? Do they have conveniences that allow them to heat food or drink coffee? Do they enjoy being in your facility for 8 or more hours each day? Ask them why or why not, and then act on their suggestions.
    • Celebrate – Celebrate their birthdays and treat them to holiday gifts and bonuses.  Celebrating their accomplishments and milestones shows you are invested and grateful for them while creating a feeling of family. This is a powerful incentive to stick with your company.
  • Vendors and Subcontractors– Do you hire virtual assistants, vendors, subcontractors or suppliers that you count on regularly for professional services or to help you meet your customer needs? Most companies do, and it’s important to show them your appreciation for the timely, professional and loyal efforts they make on your company’s behalf. Giving them good referrals and references is one way to let them know they are important to you. Inviting them to special events or open houses, meet and greets or holiday gatherings can also be a great way to network and show them your thanks.
  • Customers – Customer gifts sent out at holidays is always a great idea, but what about the rest of the year? Depending on your industry, think about incorporating your gratitude into your marketing in an authentic way. Do you have some clients who are truly important and have shown loyalty over the past year? Do something special for them, such as invite them to a special event where they are treated to good food or wine while showing them exclusive ideas for the coming season. Highlight their loyalty in an article on your website or do an interview promoting their own business or life achievements.  
Posted on November 8th, 2019 by Client Advocate Team

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