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Hiring Temps vs Hiring Virtual Assistants

Many companies save money by choosing to work with temp agencies who deal with employee hiring, benefits and payroll in whole or in part. Technology has changed the way we do business over the past decades, and one of the most recent changes is the addition of hiring virtual assistants, which have become part of our work culture. 

The Comparison

The reasons for hiring temps and virtual assistants, or VAs, can be similar: to supply short-term or part-time workers for various projects and seasonal admin or customer service work. These workers can also become full-time workers if they do good work. How does hiring temps and VAs compare to each other? 

  • Work Approaches – Temp workers clock in when they arrive and clock out when they leave. They spend “X” amount of time to receive a paycheck for so much per/hour. Volume and quality of work is less the focus than time spent. A VA’s goal is to establish a working relationship with their clients. They get used more often when they deliver good work, so it’s in their best interest to be efficient at what they do. They work with a deadline and specific instructions at all odd hours because they are typically at home. 
  • Cost for Temps – A temp worker has a contracted number of hours to work at a rate per hour, regardless of actual work output. This requires monitoring, managing, and supervision. You not only pay their wage but for the wages those who monitor their work and hours. Overhead costs include the workspace of the temp in the office. Indirect costs include recruiting, training time, and the potential loss of income from sales or service provided by management and owners who must take time out to train or supervise temp staff. Temp agencies also require finder’s fees, maintenance fees for payroll and benefits, percentages related to temp pay, and final hiring fees.
  • Cost for VAs –  In order to be competitive in their business, they usually start out with advanced admin skills in addition to virtual skills useful in small businesses. Additionally, hiring a VA does not require extensive recruiting & job advertising costs, large agency fees, interviews, aptitude testing or legal commitments to hire onsite. There is no overhead or supervisory costs, no holiday pay or benefits. A VAs hourly charge may be a bit higher than an average temp worker, but the work is more efficient, and they are covering all their own office space, benefits, and retirement planning within that hourly rate.

For short projects or long-standing administration, bookkeeping or customer service work, VAs can make sense for a remote or onsite business office. For other benefits of hiring a VA, read here.

Posted on December 11th, 2019 by Client Advocate Team

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