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Tips – Remotely Working While Traveling


It’s the holiday season and business owners and employees will probably travel to see family and friends. If you’re a business owner, that probably includes doing some company work on the side while traveling. How do you best manage to stay productive and efficient while taking as little time away from your visits as possible?

Working Remotely Basic Principals Apply to Travelling

Just because you work in an office or retail space during the weekdays, doesn’t mean working remotely while you travel has to be difficult. Some of the tips for working remotely in a home office can also be applied to traveling, though there are some extra considerations when your workspace is mobile:

  • Wi-Fi is Critical – Your home office will naturally be set up with a great Wi-Fi set-up, but traveling on a plane or other transportation can be challenging. Set up a hot spot though your internet carrier for a small fee ahead of your trip and test it out. Be sure your hotel or other accommodations have free Wi-Fi as well and research a free Wi-Fi café or other public space to work from in case you need to get away from distractions where you stay.
  • Headphones – Just in case your flight, hotel, café or home you are visiting has many distractions, pack noise-canceling headphones in order to get your work done. Having one headphone or earbud device which can be used with your laptop and phone simultaneously is ideal. If it helps you focus, set up a music playlist on your phone or laptop before the trip.
  • Laptop & Devices – Never assume you can use another computer on a trip. Always have a lightweight laptop ready to go. Make sure your chargers for laptop, phone, and other devices have necessary power converters if you’re going out of the country.
  • Create a Leisure & Work Schedule – Plan a work schedule based on your time zone and that of whoever you might be working with remotely, whether a foreign office or a virtual assistant. For tips on how to work remotely with teams, check this out. Create your work schedule around your visiting and leisure time so you aren’t interrupted with business calls or virtual meetings. Stick to your schedule for the sake of getting your family and leisure time in as much as for getting your work done.
Posted on December 4th, 2019 by Client Advocate Team

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