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Communication in Business is King


It’s hard to succeed in business if you cannot master the art of communication. Whether your staff is a team in a brick and mortar building or you have a virtual team, you’ll need to make sure everyone knows the company’s vision, goals, and processes. You’ll need to help your team connect with each other which in the end helps your customers, too. There are many techniques and tools that help:

  • Online collaboration tools – Today there is no shortage of programs and applications for connecting online. Some of them are free and others that have special features can be quite affordable. What might work best for you depends a lot on who you are communicating with and what type of job information needs to be transmitted. These programs can be very useful for virtual assistants and teams in remote locations. Even on-site employees can benefit from a program that everyone taps into for assignments or collaborative discussions. For more info about these tools, read here.
  • Weekly project meeting – Meeting regularly sounds like a no-brainer, but often businesses don’t meet with their entire department or team. Small businesses employees tend to buy into the company vision and weekly goals when they hear directly from the owner or CEO. If you have virtual assistants, weekly communication needs to be clear and direct to make sure they feel connected and you can be sure they are working on the goals you have set.
  • Uncomplicated email threads – Simple company-wide emails are far more useful than multiple threads on the same topic. If you text or email several people, try to stay on the same thread rather than starting several. Important data can be hard to find or forgotten if it’s spread out among too much noise.
  • Check In – In between meetings and messages, do a regular check with your employees or VAs to make sure they don’t have questions or issues. Sometimes they may not realize they are on the wrong track until a lot of time or effort has been wasted. Checking in frequently can help them by showing support and redirecting them. If done with a helpful attitude as opposed to a punitive approach, regular communication can be a welcome part of establishing a positive work relationship that enhances employee and management satisfaction and trust.
Posted on January 29th, 2020 by Client Advocate Team

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