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Managing Conflicts in Your Work Team


Even small businesses have to deal with people. Whether that team you work with is in your brick and mortar office, a virtual team, or a combination, conflicts can arise, and you’ll need to deal with them. How do you make sure everyone is working together well to maximize efficiency in your business and the satisfaction of your workers? 

  • Don’t ignore it – Allowing conflict to grow is never a wise move though you may not want to get involved for every small issue. It’s best to let coworkers work things out first, however, when continual conflict or tension arises between the same people or issues, it needs to be addressed. As the leader, you are charged with creating a positive work culture and certain issues can become chronic, toxic elements quickly if allowed to fester.
  • Diffuse by listening – One of the biggest complaints in toxic work environments is that issues are never aired out in the open and people who feel violated or frustrated have no way to vent or ask for help. Active listening by leadership can often address this complaint and possibly avoid future conflicts. To know more about Active Listening, check out this article.
  • Understand differences in team members – Your team is made up of people with varying backgrounds and skills. Try to see each point of view to help your staff to do the same. Remember to let each person involved in the conflict have a voice in the solution. Help each party understand the needs and concerns of people with other responsibilities so they can each anticipate how to work together.
  • Communication across offices – Often conflicts arise with miscommunication and simple conversation and clarification can avoid further trouble. Make sure each team member understands your expectations for their projects, including goals that are to be reached as a team. Cross-training each employee enough to understand the responsibilities and concerns of the other members can equip them to hear how they can help each other attain the group goals. 
Posted on January 22nd, 2020 by Client Advocate Team

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