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Social Media Campaigns for the New Year

Every small business can benefit from using social media. In fact, today, it’s become essential, even for small companies to have a social media presence in their local area. To read more about the benefits of using social media, go here.

Get Their Attention Early with a Great Social Media Campaign

Want a useful way to create a schedule of great posts that can bring back existing clients, create new followers on your social media and foot traffic to your website? Plan a social media campaign for the season or even the year. Here are a few ideas:

  • User-generated content – Make your followers feel like rock stars by giving them a platform to participate in your page. Give them a place on your site to post comments with reviews, recommendations, and hashtags that pertain to past or future events and promotions, products or services. Encourage them to post photos of them participating in your events and using your products. 
  • Tag-A-Friend campaigns – Generating new followers and potential customers can be easy if your current followers have incentive to tag their friends and family. Chances are high, that current customers know other people who fit your target audience. Give them incentives such as discounts or exclusive opportunities to attend promotions if they can tag the most people for the campaign period. Set up an event time frame and clearly announce a high-valued prize.
  • Back Stage Pass – It may be surprising how much followers enjoy a peek behind-the-scenes of companies they follow. By regularly posting content that shows how a job is done, info about employees on the job or employee events, followers get a more personal feel for your business and are likely to trust you when they need your service or product. 
  • Online Scavenger Hunt – Pick some great giveaways from your products or services as a prize for a digital scavenger hunt. Post a list of questions on your website from various topics, then link the contest to your social media pages. Make sure contestants need to scour your website pages and/or go to each of your platforms and scroll through earlier posts to find the answers. Have multiple winners possible to increase enthusiasm for engagement. Questions can pertain to your services, contact info for your offices, data from your company “About” page or any article and blog you have posted in a specified period of time. Specify a time period and outline how they will know they won. Post the results with reactions from winners who can then generate more content for you with their photos and posts.
Posted on January 15th, 2020 by Client Advocate Team

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