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Today, digital marketing is all about developing engagement with your potential customer base. More exposure in the right place, at the right time, gets you more “clicks.” More clicks can translate into various forms of engagement which can lead to deeper and more committed forms of engagement, which ultimately need to result in sales of goods and services. The key here is getting your followers to engage with your brand. 

Why Social Media is the First Step of Engagement

You might say having your website is the first step of engagement. It’s true, you need to start with a website, however, without a way to draw traffic to it, there’s nothing social or engaging about your site. It’s simply a landing place for all the traffic going and coming through social media sharing. There are many social media platforms with different strengths and weaknesses. To decide which platforms are best for your company, read here. Here are some tips on how to engage your followers using social media:

  • Understand your target audience If you have an idea of the general ages and interests of your target audience, this will influence the choice of platforms you decide to use for your messaging. Younger adults and older teens might be better followers on Instagram. Facebook users tend to have the widest range of age groups, with a higher number of older adults than any other platform. The platform they frequent will alter the way you post using that platform. Instagram emphasizes images rather than text, for instance.
  • Other Interests – What does your target audience enjoy outside of social media? Gear your messaging and promotions toward their common hobbies or topics.
  • Comedy tonight! – The most viral posts on the internet are funny photos, cartoons or memes. Use humor related to your industry or related topics as often as possible.
  • Invite engagement There are many ways to invite engagement. Contests with bragging rights, or opportunities to post as a guest on your blog or podcast, polls and invitations to post images from attending your events. Give your followers the limelight once in a while. They will provide content for you as well.
  • Give-aways There will always be people who want what you got, especially if they can get free swag from you. Have them post testimonials or funny stories about a topic to qualify for prize drawings.
Posted on February 21st, 2020 by Client Advocate Team

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