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The Marketing Power of Storytelling

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We don’t often think of marketing as great storytelling, but the best marketing always is. Think about why your loyal customers stay with your company or brand. Do they trust you since they’ve used your services or products for many years? There are many stories there to tell. What about the story you want to tell about the passion you have for what your company does? What does that mean to the rest of the community or to the larger area, or perhaps the country?  

What Storytelling Accomplishes 

Why tell the stories to begin with? Is it worth the effort to create a narrative and vision for your brand with a story? It sure is:

  • Cut Through the Noise There is a lot of information out there. People looking for your services who might have the same passions or needs will gravitate to stories they can relate to and tune out what they can’t.
  • Deeper connections to customers – Stories can be funny, serious or deeply personal. Think about the stories told in Superbowl commercials. The best ones are easily related to. They are surprisingly honest in their humor or tug at heartstrings we all relate to. 
  • We learn more about our target audience Not only will stories sort out who the customers gravitate to, but they can sort out who might really need your services. Gauge your responses and tweak the message until you find those who need or want your services. Develop your brand identity and then further adjust to attract followers who become actual customers.

Elements of Great Storytelling

There are a few basic elements in a good story that will connect to your potential followers and spread the word of your brand:

  • Tell them who you are Decide your company’s passions, vision, and values. Be authentic about that in your story. It’s about the brand, not the owner or individuals. Don’t be afraid to let that flag fly.
  • Be the hero – How is your company serving or helping in your story? How are you leading in the values you uphold for your industry or community? 
  • Real stories hit real emotions – In staying authentic, use true testimonials or accounts in sharing emotional happenings. Don’t be afraid to share the impact on real people in the midst of a problem being solved. How did your company positively impact people or issues that your audience will relate to? Emotional chords need to be hit. Show true responses to your companies actions. Show your team personally connecting with the situations they impact.
  • To be continued…. Keep that story going by presenting a related series of small snippet videos or articles that continue a theme of trust, care or other core values. They will want to come back for more.

Posted on February 12th, 2020 by Client Advocate Team

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