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Benefits of a Remote Office

Benefits of a Remote Office
Benefits of a Remote Office

An unprecedented number of workers have recently had to adapt to working remotely, primarily from home. The question is, once the global quarantine crisis is resolved and workers are allowed to go back to the office, will they want to? Will companies want to go back to doing “business as usual?” 

Some Won’t Go Back to the Office – Here’s Why

The virtual genie is out of the bottle. Employees who never felt comfortable using the latest technology have learned to navigate programs they’d never heard of before. They’ve also had to refit or equip their homes with hardware and develop home work habits. New home-office workers can now appreciate remote job benefits which others have long known about:

  • No morning or evening commute – There is no commute to work in the morning and no rush-hour traffic at the end of the day. No 30 to 120 minutes by bus, train or car is necessary. Can’t you feel your tension and stress lowering just thinking about that?
  • Productivity – Studies show that 91% of workers report getting more done in less time working from a remote location. Remote workers take breaks as needed, and typically have a customized office set-up which eliminates normal distractions, such as having other office workers interrupt their work. This is a compelling reason for employers to support remote working, too.
  • Saves money – Think of the money saved by less: gas fill-ups, new business clothing, or take-out food. The company also saves with less overhead for your space and office equipment.
  • Master of your schedule – Workers can choose to burn the midnight oil and get other personal errands done during business hours. They can exercise or tend to children more easily during the day. This adds to work-life balance in the end, and companies that give flexibly can staff all shifts to cover global time zones.  
  • Master of your environment – Your home office is designed based on your personal work habits using items and décor that empower and inspire you. 
  • Master of your location – You may be working at home now due to a “shelter-in-place” edict, but you won’t always be. Once travel is allowed again, remote workers can do so while on trips with the family or in any location as needed. 
  • Lower stress and depression – Working remotely often means that employees don’t have to delay family errands or dealing with emergencies, which leads to lower stress and depression. They also eat more healthy meals and snacks. Taking breaks, being able to exercise, or even taking a nap in the daytime can help people work at the top of their game. 

In the end, some companies may decide they value the freedom and lower expense of not maintaining a brick and mortar. Now that they’ve seen their workforce succeed away from the office, companies may give workers the option to continue working remotely. It’s possible, having experienced these benefits, many will opt to stay remote, significantly changing the way much of our world does business from now on. If you still need help creating a productive remote work environment or improving your current one, read this.

Posted on April 22nd, 2020 by Client Advocate Team

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