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Benefits of Virtual Assistants in Good and Bad Times

There has never been a time in history when companies have needed remote workers in the way they do now. Companies have rushed to convert office workers into home remote workers in order to accommodate government social distancing mandates. The companies that are not panicking are the ones who already work with virtual assistants, so social distancing is a non-issue. They already know how to communicate their needs to people who are trained and experienced in working remotely. Companies and workers who have chosen this work-style won’t miss a beat while the rest of the world is struggling to cope. 

Using Virtual Assistants Was Already a Great Idea

There are many reasons why so many companies are ahead of the curve in hiring virtual assistants, or VAs. There are great tools available to connect with your VA, and they likely know about them. Here are just a few of the many benefits of using VAs with your company, even without a social-distancing mandate:

  • Save moneyOne of the foremost reasons for hiring a VA is to save money. Many entrepreneurs and sole proprietors opt to have fewer or no employees on site. Those companies can avoid brick and mortar overhead. They save on building rent or mortgage, utilities, related property expenses, office supplies and equipment for staff and may even opt out of hiring an HR department.
  • Flexible StaffVAs can be hired to do just about any office or administrative task or job that you’d normally hire an office employee to do. You can hire many for their specialized skills, for short jobs or long assignments. They are used to working from project to project and are less concerned with being guaranteed a specific number or schedule of “hours.”
  • More choice of skills and talentBecause a VA can live and work for you from virtually anywhere on the globe, the availability of qualified and highly skilled specialists for a project is much higher.
  • The tech is out thereVAs are already set up and ready to go for your project. Once you’ve taken the time to communicate your needs, they have the experience, schedule, technology and equipment in place to get started right away. They understand and deal with virtual deadlines and processes, so training them or setting them up is a non-issue.
  • Saves you timeSince VAs can do so many varying jobs from administrative, bookkeeping, social media coordination, customer service, marketing and writing, to name a few, you can spend time running your business without getting bogged down with mundane tasks.
  • VAs make onsite staff more effectiveEven with a physical office and regular employees, some projects may need special attention or an extra set of hands to get data entry or other tasks done. Instead of hiring another employee temporarily and having to find them space to work, you can hire a VA to take up the slack. This also avoids handing over extra work to current staff members who might become overburdened, inefficient and unhappy with having another person’s responsibilities added to their own for a project.

Posted on April 8th, 2020 by Client Advocate Team

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