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Staying Sane While Working from Home


If you own or work for a business now, you’ve likely had to work remotely to allow your company to stay in business while following a stay-at-home mandate. Even if you’ve worked remotely before, you probably haven’t had to also stay home for literally everything else. Having your work and home located in the same space 24/7 over an extended period could make you a little batty. If you need help setting up your workspace, read this. Here are some ideas to keep your head in the game and stay productive without losing your sanity, whether or not your company is on lockdown:

  • Have a morning routine – Regardless of what time you choose to start your day or how late you work, have a wake-up time with a morning routine. This includes breakfast of some sort, washing your face, and getting dressed for work. Perhaps your work clothes are jeans or sweats, but working in PJs and a robe doesn’t get your head in the game. 
  • Don’t work in bed – The challenge of working at home is defining your spaces for certain activities, even if your computer or desk happens to be in your bedroom. Don’t mix an obvious sleep or entertainment space with your work and vice versa. Program your brain to work in one space and sleep or relax in another. 
  • Make your bed – Starting your day with one real task completion gets your brain oriented toward productivity. A made bed says, “I’m up and my day is starting,” so you’re less likely to crawl back in. 
  • Manage Distractions – Treat your workspace like an office. Avoid household chores during work time. If you need to mix both in the same day, schedule time for chores during lunch or breaktime and don’t go over the time you allotted. Get that load of dishes or laundry going before you go to bed and put them away before you start work. Reward yourself after your allotted work time with your Netflix.
  • Boundaries, People! – Most remote workers have family or roommates at home. Your kids may be doing class at home online. Proclaim your boundaries for workspace and hours so they don’t assume you’re free whenever they want to chat. You’ll help them stay on track, as well.
  • Take breaks – It’s ok to schedule a workout in the middle of the day, or a shower to wake yourself up and focus. Try not to eat at your computer. Stop and eat with your kids or significant other for a scheduled time. If you can’t take a short walk, have a quick lunch or coffee break on your deck or balcony. 
  • Do Lists – Either at the beginning of the day, or better yet, at the end of the previous day, make note of what has to get done. Organize your day on paper or whiteboard. Interact with your list throughout the day as you cross items off.   
  • Have an OFF-DUTY time – Once work is done for the day, put it away or leave that room until work the next day. Try not to work on weekends or designated days off. Stay focused on working, relaxing and sleeping at the appropriate time or you won’t stay productive or healthy. While off duty, reach out to family and friends online or on the phone, especially if you live alone. When there’s no stay home mandate, get out of the house and socialize. Find something or someone to make you laugh. 
Posted on April 1st, 2020 by Client Advocate Team

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