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Help Your Community During Crisis

Share with others to help your community during a crisis

One of the best parts of owning your own business in your community is the ability to help and show you care. Read about typical ways to become a charitable business all year round here. When a national, state or local tragedy hits, there is a powerful opportunity to show your community your company’s true character. 

Ways to Have a Heart

During a local or widespread crisis, your company can land in one of a few categories. You might be part of an essential industry and stayed open; perhaps busier than ever. You could be a virtual company that never had to lay workers off and required little change in procedures. Other companies might have had to reduce business or change; scrambling to find ways to make up for lost revenue. Some small businesses might be struggling to stay in business at all. Here are some ways that each of these company examples can show they care for their community and be all the better for it on the other side of a difficult period.

  • Community Service Updates – It literally costs nothing but a little time and effort to create a blog to share community and government updates pertaining to the current disaster or crisis. Include links for help and programs from local government and non-profit sites that your customers can find easily. 
  • Provide Resources – Depending on your industry, offer your resources to help out. If you sell medical supplies, provide extra to those who need it. Restaurants can provide meals for disaster workers and grocery stores can donate essentials to the local pantry. Any business that offers important and useful services can offer deeply discounted pricing or free services for those in need. 
  • Expert Training and DIY Videos – Do you offer software that can help teach skills for the jobless? Discount that software or even offer free webinars and video training for job seekers or other struggling businesses. If you are a salon, create a video with home hair-cutting tips. Plumbers or contractors can post videos showing DIY simple bathroom repairs or AC maintenance. 
  • Share Positive Stories – Use your business blog to share stories of good deeds done by residents or organizations in your local area. It’s easy to find bad news, so stay positive and help your community see a light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps show honor or give special rewards to deserving helpers.
  • Sponsor a Family or Non-profit – Start a campaign to help with a particularly needy family that may have suffered special losses due to the current crisis. Rally other businesses and residents to pitch in. Hold a fundraiser for a non-profit in your area who is already doing great work for your homeless, needy, or suffering community members. 

Some of these ideas won’t cost much to do. If your company is closed, what you do have is an abundance of time and likely the urge to do at least something to make life better. This can be a powerful chance to develop your business’s relationship with your community while building the spirit of benevolence within your company family.

Posted on May 6th, 2020 by Client Advocate Team

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