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Marketing Your Business During the Shutdown

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Small business owners might assume that since their business is either closed or reduced in services, that they could save time and money by lowering or eliminating their marketing efforts. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! Now is the most critical time to make sure your brand and name is in front of your customers’ eyes. At some point, businesses will be completely open again and the last thing you want is for customers to have forgotten about your company or be lured by another one. If you are currently performing services or offering limited retail, it’s important to make sure your customers know you are open. Without the appearance of your business going on, you might as well close anyway.

Marketing Ideas

Some of the ways to approach marketing during a public crisis won’t change much from your normal marketing plan. To check out some normal marketing tools we’ve talked about before, read this. In addition to your current marketing plan, this might be a unique opportunity to also try something new. Here are some ideas for marketing your business during a shutdown:

  • Company Website –It’s important to have a well-crafted website. That doesn’t mean fancy or complicated, but links should work, content should be useful and interesting but not too long. Include resources that show your company is a leader in your industry. Make sure landing pages are helpful to new customers, and company and product or service information is up to date. Click here for a good example.
  • Easy to Find Online – Even before the shutdown, most consumers looked for stores and services through online searches. It’s crucial to make sure all your meta-tags and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies are set to put your company at the top of Google and other searches for your industry.
  • Social Media – Being separated from friends and family all the time has driven more people than ever to social media. Make sure your company not only has a presence on Facebook, but research which other platforms might serve your industry best. Then create those profiles and start marketing your business. The content you post on your website won’t have an audience if you can’t launch links to it from well-positioned social media profiles. Even Snapchat has a function that tells users what businesses are active in their area.
  • Online Reviews – Add reviews to your Google business profile and your website. Try to encourage reviews with incentives and contests on your social media pages. Consistently good reviews can make the difference. When customers want to order food from a restaurant or find a service or product, since they can’t personally go inside a business to see for themselves.
  • Take Advantage of Strange Times – Those businesses that serve the community or offer customized services during a disaster or strange moment in history will stand alone in the crowd. You can show heart by organizing relief collections, helping feed the hungry, supplying medical necessities, or other sought-after items to essential workers or hard-hit families. Alter your method of supplying services to meet your customer’s special needs. The steak house willing to deliver curbside or to a home address might stay in business if they can adapt. Offer discounts and additional services to show your company not only has a heart, but recognizes that we are all in this together.
Posted on May 27th, 2020 by Client Advocate Team

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