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personal blogging

If you’re a business owner, no matter what the circumstance or type of business you do, you might consider posting a regular blog. If you’re unsure whether or not you need a personal blog for business, read here. In fact, now is a great time to start a personal blog for your company, especially if your company has to be closed or running at reduced capacity for now. 

Your customers at home are looking online for information and entertainment. If your company currently has online, curbside, or delivery business, you can help your customers know what you offer. For small businesses caught in a holding pattern until states open up, you can be prepared to hit the ground running. Crisis or no, it’s always important to keep your brand out in front of your followers on social media.

Useful Topics 

Some blog topics which can be useful in keeping followers in touch with your brand, your services, and your expertise in this new normal: 

  • News Updates – Particularly during this strange new business environment, your followers have daily questions about how government ordinances and proclamations affect them. Use your blog to give public service information, especially where it affects your industry.  
  • DIY – Trade or service-oriented companies, such as plumbing or repairs, can show off their public spirit by posting blogs with photos and videos that give do-it-yourself instructions for basic home jobs or projects.  
  • Resource Post – A resource post can go a long way to make your company’s social network platform a regular page to visit. You can post community resource links from your local government related to help with any hardships your community faces, or other links to resources related to your industry. 
  • FAQs – Anytime is a good time to post responses to frequently asked questions about your company, your industry, or how your company is dealing with current local issues. A good source for those questions is phone calls you’ve received, emails, or questions asked in the past during exchanges with customers at your brick and mortar location or onsite at jobs. 
  • History of Your Industry – Want your followers to see you as the community expert in your industry? Do some good research with reliable sources on the history of your industry. That history could reflect a global view, or be localized to your particular area. If your company has a long history of service, especially if the brand or title of the company has changed, a blog is a good way to make those connections.
  • Funny stories or videos – Chances are, a lot of your followers are bored, stressed, or both. Everyone could use a boost, so give them a laugh with a great video or meme. Preferably related to your industry or current events. Some companies gain quite a following just by posting regular clever or entertaining content, even some content outside of your business arena.  
Posted on May 20th, 2020 by Client Advocate Team

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