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Staycation at Home and Online

relax and read a book while taking a staycation

There’s never been a better or more logical time to take your Staycation. Disagree? While it’s true that not a lot of eat-in restaurants, specialty shops or attractions are currently open in most states, there are many ways to pass the time, enjoy your family, and yourself while we wait out the close-down. Even after the crisis passes, it’s important to create a work-life balance. To read about that, go here.

What is a “Staycation?”

Staycations used to be a way for people to relax with time off when they didn’t have the funds to travel. Essential workers are extremely busy now. Laid-off workers are anxious to get back to work. Those employees and business owners who are fortunate enough to keep working normal hours at home, like virtual assistants, are still likely to go stir-crazy if the only thing they see is the inside of their homes’ four walls. Regardless of which of these three groups you belong to, we could all use a break from stress and our unchanging routines. Here are a few ways to take a long staycation or a series of short staycations to enrich your lives.

  • Stay Connected – You might have used video chat programs for business, but the same ones and more can be used for personal connections. You may already use Facebook Messenger for one-on-one video chatting. If you have family and friends across multiple locations, you can use Zoom or Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams to connect many people for free across all platforms. 
  • Online Fieldtrips – The great thing about living in our digital age is that we have access to wonderful places online. Share this with your kids for a fun experience.
    •  Virtual Public Library Public libraries all across the nation have the ability to check out eBooks. This is a free service in most cases. Each member of the family can choose books, or choose something to read aloud together.
    •  Local Museums- In response to stay-home policies, most city museums have provided online galleries and resources to learn from and enjoy artwork and natural history. 
  • Enjoy the Outdoors – Science has always told us that sunshine and fresh air are important to our health. Staying cooped up in a building for too long is not good for you or your family. Most states provide public outdoor spaces for exercise and recreation, even if not in groups. Take walks or hikes when and where possible, following local distancing policies. At least have a picnic with your family out in your yard, or read a book on your balcony. 
  • Get Away from Video Screens – This is especially important if you work or take classes online. Long periods of screen time can be hard on the eyes and may contribute to back soreness from sitting. Late-night screen time can make it hard to fall asleep. Find activities to promote family time such as board games, dinner at the table, or crafts and projects.
Posted on May 13th, 2020 by Client Advocate Team

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