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Back in Business – Freshen Your Small Business Marketing

small business marketing

After a few months of being closed down, many states are opening back up for business and public access, with others slated to follow. Your company might have stayed busy, had to alter your business model to fit stay-home requirements, offered limited services or, sadly could not stay open at all and need to reopen or reactivate. For tips in helping restart your business, check out advice in starting a new business. In all cases, effective business practices through the opening phases and afterward will be forever affected. Even without the Covid-19 or other economic crisis, now is a good time to freshen several aspects of your business marketing:

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YouTube Channel for Your Business


It’s hard to imagine why any small business would cut off opportunities to get their message and brand out in front of their customers, and videos can be a powerful force. Blogs and articles can come in many formats, one of which is video blogging, which can make great use having a YouTube Channel. To refresh yourself regarding other blogs formats, read here.

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Recycling Your Great Content

Recycled message

It’s always a good time to take a fresh look at the content for your business website, blogs and social media posts. When trying to get your company vision or message out to your followers and customers, you might not realize how effective repetition is. How do you do that without becoming boring? You recycle previously well-written content. Not only does that reiterate your message and branding with consistency, but is, frankly, more efficient than constantly reinventing the wheel. 

Here are a few great ways to recycle your good content without losing your followers’ attention:

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Avoid Small Business Scams During Covid-19

Small business scams

Small businesses have many challenges to navigate on company and personal levels. Though there have always been scams out there you may be aware of, new versions evolve with the times, technology and world situations. Since large corporations are better sheltered from economic disruption, smaller businesses have presented as more desperate, so become more vulnerable to Covid-19 related scams:

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New Ways of Doing Business- Going Virtual

Virtual workers

Some small business owners have known the benefits of having remote workers and virtual assistants for years, but until recently, they may have been the minority. Today with the Covid-19 crisis, business experts surmise that many more small businesses have seen direct benefits from having virtual and remote workers, and will likely adapt their business structures to accommodate continuation in the future. This promises to change the way companies fundamentally view remote working vs full brick and mortar. Companies may choose to convert their existing office workers to have more flexibility working from home or they will choose to hire more virtual assistants. Both options reduce the need for a fulltime brick and mortar and can increase business productivity if managed properly.

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