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YouTube Channel for Your Business


It’s hard to imagine why any small business would cut off opportunities to get their message and brand out in front of their customers, and videos can be a powerful force. Blogs and articles can come in many formats, one of which is video blogging, which can make great use having a YouTube Channel. To refresh yourself regarding other blogs formats, read here.

Why Have a YouTube Channel?

Everyone knows about YouTube. It is linked easily to social media, and is easily accessed for most people with only an internet connection. Beyond storing your own personal video material, you can set up a channel that others can subscribe to so that every time you come out with new content, they will be notified. Having a channel gives an air of legitimacy, especially if you become consistent in postings, and the videos are of good quality. YouTube has put the power of marketing and entertainment production in the hands of anyone who will spend the time to learn it, regardless of how much budget they have, so it’s comparatively inexpensive. Your channel can even be monetized, which mean you can make money based on views of your content.

Tips for Creating Your YouTube Channel

  • Take time to create and customize To do a decent job of utilizing the many features offered in YouTube for customization, you need to be patient and take the time to learn and do it correctly. There are any number of tutorials posted by other YouTubers. Pick a fellow user from your industry and see what you like best about their channels and then study how to implement those features n yours.
  • Keep it clean – Just because a service on YouTube is available, doesn’t mean it will be useful to your videos. Certain recent tech upgrade options such as annotation, or having notes and text show overtop your video might seem cool or even helpful, but can end up looking too busy and amateurish if overused.
  • Do use subtitles – Many streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu report that an increasing number of their customers use the subtitle option, even if they are not hearing impaired. People watch videos on various devices and in many places now, often at airports and train stations where it’s loud. Having subtitles helps your video be accessible wherever your followers are trying to watch from. Additionally, it’s a free added feature that requires no big setup on your part, so why not?
  • Moderate your comments – It’s important to keep up with reading comments left on your videos. Unless your business thrives on controversy, it’s important to remove negative comments asap.
  • Respond and Engage – Most YouTube followers LOVE getting personal responses from the owner of the channel. In a way, they feel like insiders and this develops a loyalty and care for your business and products. Take full advantage of this. Your responses could also be done by proxy with a virtual assistant who could monitor your channel, helping with content maintenance. The killer for channels is inactivity. It’s hard to take a channel seriously when the last dates of active engagement with the channel owner is from a long time ago.
Posted on June 17th, 2020 by Client Advocate Team

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