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Positive Topics to Encourage Your Followers With

positive topics

Following the headlines of any news program can be discouraging. For years, bad news has dominated media topics. Social media is also replete with current events, which for the past several months have included a pandemic, economic decline, lockdowns, and social issues within many cities leading to unrest, destruction and additional hardship for many. Even if you’re tired of negative stories, now is a good time for your business to use social media to share content from your website and reach out to your followers. Your small business might do well to share positive stories that give your followers a respite from the barrage of negative coverage.

How to Be Positive on Social Media

Part of helping your followers have a positive outlook is about your company being a positive influence to start with. Positivity begins in your organization and how you run the day to day. If you need help or ideas in how to do that, read here. You can be positive online without marginalizing serious issues. The truth is, your followers have plenty sources to read or hear about current events. Your company can post helpful, encouraging or diverting material in the midst of that. This can be powerful in not only showing that you care, but in developing relationships with followers. Here are a few post ideas: 

  • PSA – Be the company to lead in getting useful public service announcement information to your community. Was there a new executive order, law or ordinance which affects your demographics or your service to them? Post links to the source and summarize what it says for your followers. 
  • Problem solving – Between current issues or normal everyday life troubles, your followers are always looking for answers. If people in your community are out of work, post relief information for jobs, government or charity assistance.  
  • DIY – Another way of being a problem solver can be helping your followers learn to tackle the small jobs, home repairs or projects related to your industry. This can be posted as an article, video or podcast linked from your website through any of your social media platforms. This also establishes your company as a trusted expert in the field.
  • Feel good stories – When times are tough, good news is hard to find, though disaster will produce stories of selfless service and heroism. These are worth finding and posting whenever you can. As you build followers online, you should be able to challenge your followers to send in stories of good deeds. It will not only bring you closer to your followers, encourage all your readers, but work towards helping you and people in your company stay positive. 
Posted on July 1st, 2020 by Client Advocate Team

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