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Should Your Business Have A Twitter Account?

business Twitter account

Twitter has been around since 2006. It’s only one of several platforms, with each of them catering specific demographics and a variety of types of posts. With so many social media platforms to choose from, do you know which ones your business should participate in? For a discussion of the types of platforms you might consider, read here. Out of all of these platforms, might your business benefit from having a Twitter account? 

What Twitter Can Do for Your Business

Twitter is a common platform, used by many corporations, celebrities, community groups and individuals. When considering if your small business should have a Twitter account, there are many aspects to note that might benefit your company marketing strategy:

  • Large Reach & Brand Visibility – With one billion accounts and 200 – 300 million active users, there is almost no limit to how many people you can reach and followers you can develop over a period of time. 
  • Viral Posts – There’s power in sending out a short, important or entertaining post which can simply be retweeted. Posting an original comment that goes viral after being retweeted or shared multiple times is the Holy Grail for most users.
  • User-curated Content – It can be tough to generate new content every day. When you can engage your followers, encouraging them to post photos of your events, products or telling their stories, you not only get more fresh content, but you develop a loyalty and relationship with future customers.
  • Multi-Media enabled posts – Twitter is an easy platform to share links to your website or other content, including photos and video. These links to interesting content can bring lots of traffic to your company webpage.
  • Customer Support – Statistics show that customers with complaints or problems are more likely to leave a post on a company platform rather than make a phone call. The beauty of this is that other customers with the same issue can see how much you care and reach out to you for their issues.  Just be sure to monitor your account and address negative comments, without leaving a customer hanging
  • Leads – You can monitor your followers who might be there because of your content or because of how they saw you handle other customers.

Final Twitter Tips for Business Use

  • 280 words or less – Until recently, Twitter only allowed up to 140 characters per tweet which drove users to post concisely and specifically. Twitter goes by fast, so long posts are easily missed. It might be better to keep posts short and sweet, less than 100 characters, so readers have a chance to notice and respond to your post.
  • Timing is critical – Pay attention to your feed and try to respond asap. If a customer needs help, they don’t want to wait. Also, your posts will be more effective if posted during notoriously busy times like Friday and Saturdays.
  • Hire a VA If you just don’t have time to monitor your own Twitter or other social media, a virtual assistant can make sure your platforms are covered. There are VAs that specialize in creating new content, scheduled posting responding to followers.

Posted on July 22nd, 2020 by Client Advocate Team

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