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Fitness Tips for Those Working from Home

Fitness Working from Home

In this country, we’ve never before seen the number of people working from home before as we do now. By the end of the year, it is estimated that upwards of 63 million Americans will work from home. Some may only continue this until their businesses can go back to functioning normally, however, many businesses will find that having remote employees has turned out to be productive and less expensive for their business. Along with working at home, some find it’s tough to go work out. Staying at home near our fridge and pantry also tempts us throughout the day. Here’s are some useful tips to staying fit when you work out of your home:

  • Sit as little as possible – Regardless of where you work at home, sitting in an office chair, on the couch, or at the kitchen table is still sitting. Only the most ergonomic and expensive office chairs can help with your slouching, which leads to a sore back. Sitting also burns few calories. If you’re simply at home with no reason to walk across “campus” to meetings or another worker’s office, eight or so hours in a chair is not very helpful. Take short walks throughout the day, or better yet, consider getting a standing desk.
  • Plan meals and snacks – Worse than being tempted by a box of donuts in the company break room, your fridge and snack cabinet will call to you throughout your work day when you’re at home. Make sure you eat a satisfying, healthy breakfast to start your day and avoid snacking before lunch. When lunchtime does come, try to have a ready-made meal set aside so you can avoid the search through the fridge and grabbing whatever as a result of cravings. Give yourself a specific time to begin and end your lunch period. Perhaps have a piece of fruit or other healthy gnosh waiting for your mid-afternoon snack.
  • Be active and dress for it – Some will say to dress for work in dress clothes, however, if you are dressed with nice workout clothing and appropriate shoes, you are more likely to comfortably stay active during your work day. Have a workout before your workday, schedule a walk or short workout break before lunch or in midafternoon, or perhaps right after your work day. If nothing else, schedule a small amount of stretching every few hours during the day.

Home Exercises, hydration, and Rest

Be sure you’re staying hydrated during the day and not just drinking coffee. Get proper sleep at night and make time to relax, too: read this. It doesn’t take a lot of fancy equipment to maintain basic fitness. Include a warm-up, stretching, and cool down as well as strength exercises or cardio. 

Posted on July 15th, 2020 by Client Advocate Team

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