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CVA Rockstar – Aimee Sadler on Client Retention

Client retention is often the hardest part of being a virtual assistant. It can be a struggle sometimes to navigate the different personalities.  One thing that makes me a CVA Rockstar is my ability to retain my clients. I do this by adhering to 4 key tenets.

Not Everything is Personal – This can be the biggest challenge when working with anyone online or in person. There will be times when a client has a bad day or experience with something and their frustration seeps through. I have learned that it is important not to take this frustration personally and just be there to listen. Oftentimes, just having someone there listen to their concerns and issues is what the client needs. From there, we can work together to come up with an action plan to get things resolved.

Allow For Flexibility – Flexibility is another key feature of being a CVA Rockstar. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to have completely open boundaries, just that you need to allow for a little leeway in your schedule and be open to changes. Sometimes last-minute tasks pop-up and sometimes your goals have to shift gears in an instant. By being flexible, you can allow yourself to get the things that your client needs to be done.

Open Communication – Let’s face it. Mistakes happen. The best thing that can be done for client retention is being open with mistakes. Never try to hide them or shift blame to someone else. No one likes a person who isn’t accountable. If you aren’t accountable, the client isn’t going to feel secure with continuing your relationship. Honesty is another very important facet. When a mistake happens or an issue comes up, explain what happened and your plans to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Always Give Your Best – It’s near impossible for anyone to give 100%, but you can always give the best that you are capable of. This also ties back into communication! When I am feeling overwhelmed or having to deal with other issues; having an open relationship with the client allows us to discuss the concerns I have. The client and I can work together to adjust priorities and expectations.

By adhering to these tenets as a virtual assistant, it is nearly assured that I will build a good client relationship and, as such, rock client retention by building a long and lasting relationship.

Posted on August 21st, 2020 by Client Advocate Team

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