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Time-Wasters and Tedium: Are You Reaching Your Full Potential?

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How much of your day do you spend on things that do not actively contribute to the growth of your brand but are essential for its success? From policing your email inbox to getting lost in an endless scroll as you work to maintain your brand’s social media presence, an astounding amount of time is spent on ultimately tedious details. Being bogged down in busywork isn’t just demoralizing; it’s also damaging to productivity. If you were free from responsibilities attached to these tasks, how much more could you accomplish? 

Bringing your vision to life is hard work. You need to be able to focus on the bigger picture, which means slashing distractions and eliminating wastes of your time. 

Dispelling Some Common Myths About Productivity

If you’re working, you’re being productive, right? A full to-do list may feel like a sign of an overwhelmingly successful business, but multi-tasking can be an inefficient waste of time. Dividing your attention between a number of tasks, especially those which could easily be handled by someone else, often decreases the quality of your output across the board. You’re not saving time if you’re creating issues which have to be fixed at a later date, or if you’re missing out on valuable opportunities because you’re preoccupied. 

“Quality over quantity” also applies when it comes to decision-making. Calling all the shots may feel like a boss move, but it can actually have a negative impact on your ability to make the most impactful choices. Decision fatigue sets in when you’re spending time on the most important decisions and all of the meaningless ones, and can be ultimately unproductive or even damaging.

There’s also the mind-numbing effect of tedium to consider. If you’re expending a significant amount of energy on tasks you do not enjoy and could potentially outsource, how much inspiration are you missing due to simple burnout? You’re an opportunity-creator and a problem-solver, but that doesn’t have to mean you solve every problem or create every opportunity. Putting the right people in place to handle administrative tasks or social media management gives you the time and headspace you need to do what you do best. At the end of the day, that’s far more productive than data entry or replying to emails.

Making the Most of Your Time

If time is money, shouldn’t you be making the most of yours? Taking time to carefully examine your responsibilities can give you some valuable insights into where you’re wasting time or devoting it to tedium you could outsource. A more efficient approach can make all the difference, boosting productivity and quality of life across the board.

Posted on September 9th, 2020 by Client Advocate Team

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