Delegate, Focus, and GROW Your Business

How Building Your Delegation Skills Can Boost Your Success

successful delegation

Common wisdom holds that when you want something done correctly, you should do it yourself. While it’s true you have total control over only your own output, the mark of a truly successful leader is learning how to successfully delegate. Being willing to roll up your sleeves and handle the dirty, tedious or difficult tasks is an important leadership quality, but so is learning how and when to hand those tasks off to someone else. 

Delegation for Dummies: Learning How to Prioritize Your Time and Labor

If you’re protective over your work and find it difficult to bring others into the fold, the idea of outsourcing anything on your to-do list can seem far more overwhelming than just doing it yourself. Being willing to out-work everyone else by pulling all the early mornings and the late nights doesn’t mean you’ll always have the wherewithal to stay on top of increasing demands on your time and labor. As your success grows, so will responsibility; with no effective delegation skills, the upper limit of your stamina becomes the upper limit of your growth.

Just as important as learning to let go is learning the art of when, how and which tasks to hand off to someone else. Simply feeling swamped and tossing tasks overboard isn’t effective delegation. Instead, take time to look over your most pressing tasks. Of them, how many could potentially be managed by someone with the experience and know-how? 

Among the tasks you could conceivably outsource, is there someone capable of the job? Even if taking the time to provide detailed instruction feels more draining than just handling it yourself, it’s important to look at the bigger picture. Investing the time and effort into helping bring someone else up to speed now means the next time they’re needed, they’ll require less monitoring and instruction.

It’s also important to understand how many problems ultimately stem from a failure to adequately communicate not only the nature of the task, but also your expectations. Making sure you’re always on the same page takes time, too, so this is where it really helps to have a trusted employee or virtual assistant who’s looped in enough to manage what you assign. 

Delegating Your Way to Growth and Success

Learning to let go isn’t always easy. Still, making room for the next big idea by outsourcing the daily tasks raises the upper limit of what you can achieve. Building momentum and freeing up energy to focus on the future lets you grow beyond what you’re doing in this moment means the sky really is the limit.

Posted on October 14th, 2020 by Client Advocate Team

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