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Working Together!


Right now, things are pretty hectic and crazy around the globe. However, there is one common theme we all keep hearing. “We are in this together!” While this is true for the obvious reasons surrounding the pandemic, it is also a true sentiment I feel every day towards my clients. It is so easy to feel
overwhelmed and alone on a good day. Then, throw in all of the “stuff” it takes to run a business while really only wanting “to do what YOU do best” and it can feel impossible to get there. That is where I and the CVA team come in.

More than a task doer

When I think about my clients and what we accomplish together, I wholeheartedly feel like I am one of their team. And that I play an integral role in their business. Just as they play that same role in my career. We are partners. One of the primary focuses I have is to treat each and every client like we are business partners and their success is my success. Anyone can be a task doer. But, to take ownership of helping a client succeed and excel in their business takes more than that.

Creating a Masterpiece

I strive to work directly with each client to brainstorm ideas, give feedback, and think outside of the box. Most importantly, though, always have their back. Going above and beyond to truly want the very best for each client! Giving them a 100% commitment to being right there at their side to make sure they have all of the support they need to make their dreams come true. Creating space to allow my clients to do what they do best, while I take care of the pieces I do best. It is like putting the last two pieces of a puzzle together. While the picture may seem pretty clear without those two pieces, it becomes a masterpiece when they are finally clicked into place!

Building a Partnership

Over the years, I have built so many amazing partnerships with clients. I celebrate with them each victory big or small. Just as I feel sadness along with them when things don’t quite work out. The best thing about having a partner though is knowing that through the good and the bad, there is always someone right there with you. Ready to support you with the next step to move your business forward.

Everyday I do my best to be someone my clients can count on and feel fully supported by. Every day I learn something new professionally or personally through my clients.

We are truly in this together!

Posted on October 30th, 2020 by Client Advocate Team

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