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One of my favorite things to do as a Client Advocate is to help clients brainstorm ways to reach their goals OR ways that they can ease a pain point they are having.  A pain point may not mean they are having issues, but possibly that they are struggling with growing their list or bringing in residual income.

This is what happened with a client recently. They are having success with their 1-1 coaching and getting new clients, but their goal is to make residual income.  In sitting down to review what the client was currently offering, they only have their high-level coaching.  This does not leave any stepping stones for someone that is not quite ready for that yet. OR any options for the client to have residual income.

Creating a Offer

In talking with the assigned virtual assistant, we found that the client has a lot of information that they could turn into a webinar or Evergreen.  We put together a plan for the client to launch a new product.  The first “run” of the product would be a live webinar with the client.  We suggested offering to those that previously could not do the coaching but wanted a way to work with him.  Part of that offer would be to offer it at a special price!  He would put together all the information. His VA would turn it into a presentation, set up the webinar, send the invites and could help monitor the call.  Our idea was that this would be a four part “class”, each week highlighting a new step. 

Once the calls were completed, his VA would take the recordings, edit them as needed, adding in intros and outros and help turn them into an Evergreen. Once the Evergreen was set, this would be something he could offer as a stepping stone. Especially for someone not quite ready for the coaching calls BUT wanting to work with him.  After the initial effort from him, he would not have to do anything additional!  His VA would help build out the campaign to nurture those on his list to the product. AND nurture those that purchase the product to his next product.

Two Core Values here at Contemporary VA are “We are empowered by collaboration, encouragement and imaginative thinking.”. And “We are passionate about our work and take ownership of our clients’ success.”. They are my two favorite, because they both really encompass why I am a CVA Rockstar!

Posted on November 20th, 2020 by Client Advocate Team

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