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The Management of Your Time: The Key to Efficient and Effective Work


It never feels like there’s quite enough time in the day to accomplish everything on your to-do list, especially right now. Juggling professional responsibilities with the demands of home and family can always be a struggle. The social and professional changes in the wake of COVID-19 can make it even more difficult than usual. It’s possible to find fulfillment and productivity, even during a pandemic. The key is carefully honing your time-management skills.

Practical, Real-Life Time-Management Hacks Step 1  

As work, kids’ schooling, and daily life all happen in the same space, the boundaries between them all blur hopelessly. Improving your time management skills will leave you better equipped on the other side of the health crisis. As the world begins to look to a post-COVID future here are a few ways you can start improving your skillset.

  • Set and Maintain Boundaries – While it may be much easier said than done, the first step to improving efficiency is making better use of your time. Set firm boundaries with clear expectations. Are you sharing your space with children and a partner who are all remotely working and learning? It’s absolutely vital to make sure everyone is on the same page. All should be respecting physical space and time boundaries as everyone attempts to work and learn. 
  • Schedules – The idea of creating a reliable schedule can seem downright laughable with the everyday chaos. While you may not be able to exert much control over what time everyone clocks in for the day, you can definitely control how you use your time

Step 2…  

  • Settings– Part of supporting healthy boundaries is also making reasonable attempts to carve out personal space. The kitchen table might not be the best place to work uninterrupted. If you don’t have a home office at your disposal, carve out a tiny corner in one room. This designation can help to reinforce schedules and boundaries, quickly increasing your capacity to use your time wisely.
  • Learning What to Prioritize and What to Let Slide – All too often, big and important tasks fall to the wayside as a larger number of less important tasks dominate your attention. Each day before work begins, take some time to examine your task list for the day. How many of those items could be outsourced or delegated? The ones you can’t outsource are often the ones that require the greatest investment of time and labor. Free up more time by jettisoning the little things. Working with a professional virtual assistant is a great way to retain some oversight while allowing for off-loading.

Establishing Healthier, More Effective Time Management Habits

It’s true! Navigating changes to your normal routine requires a dedication to learning new time management skills. These aren’t things you simply need to survive the pandemic era. Finding ways to streamline your day now can help you establish habits which improve your productivity and boost performance long after the current crisis ends. 

Posted on December 11th, 2020 by Client Advocate Team

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