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The Social Media Struggle: is Your Strategy Holding You Back?

Few things bring as much potential power to the table as social media when it comes to marketing. However, the social media struggle is harnessing that power isn’t always an easy task. Mastering the art of leveraging socials to their full potential can be a full-time job on its own. The time and labor investment required can feel particularly burdensome for professionals and entrepreneurs who are working to promote a product or service, not to hone their social media presence. 

Building brand recognition doesn’t have to mean diverting resources from the growth of your venture. Find out how you can take a stress-free approach to social media. Without sacrificing its marketing reach and avoid this social media struggle. 

Why Social Media is So Frustrating

Updating your personal Facebook page or posting a casual photo to Instagram are fun and rewarding experiences. Working a social media account for professional purposes is an entirely different ballgame. It can be especially overwhelming if it’s your first foray into business accounts. Trying to learn the ins and outs while also doing the work of running the brand you’re trying to promote is frustrating because it feels like a necessary evil.

No one launches a startup thinking, “I can’t wait to put everything on hold in order to build a social media following!” Building your presence from the ground up or working to expand an existing presence is hard work, and likely not the driving force behind what you do. You have goals you’re working to achieve, and the right social media strategy helps you get there without requiring all your attention.

The Efficient Approach to Social Media Marketing

There’s more to social media marketing than often meets the eye. Effective strategies encompass more than making a boilerplate post every day on all your channels. To succeed, it’s essential to craft fresh and compelling content that engages your existing audience. While also actively working to expand your reach. Either of those tasks is demanding enough on its own; put them together, and it may feel like you don’t have time to do the work of managing your venture.

Hiring employees is often out of reach for small startups and existing ventures. That doesn’t mean you’re forced to manage everything alone. This is where it pays to consider working with virtual assistants, which allows you the benefit of more help without the hassle of payroll, benefits and employer taxes. You’re able to outsource essentially the entire burden of social media management, seeing all the benefits with none of the time investment. 

Posted on December 15th, 2020 by Client Advocate Team

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