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Surviving a Historically Chaotic Holiday Season

The year-end holidays are often joyful celebrations, but this year things are sure to be a bit different. Large gatherings are out, just like many schools, and all things virtual are in for the season. People are actively working to stay at home, yet ironically schedules feel more packed than ever. Video calls, distance learning and trying to juggle new work demands can make the season feel anything but jolly. This year, the holiday season is likely to be more chaotic than ever; it doesn’t have to catch you off guard, though.

Making a Year-End Plan

No matter what business you’re in, the end of the year is likely to be demanding in its own ways. Seasonal businesses are experiencing their typical uptick with hastily-devised plans. While others work to survive their slow season after lackluster demand during what should have been peak months. The end of the year is a great time to take a hard look at not only what isn’t working, but what is proving effective. How can you carry those policies and procedures into the new year, improved upon to maximize their impact?

How you invest your time is as vital as how you invest your money! Something it also pays to consider during a holiday season unlike any other in living memory.

Focus on What’s Essential for the Holidays

This year, we’ve all learned that sometimes it’s best to focus on what’s absolutely essential, cutting ourselves some slack in other areas. For the holiday season, particularly if you’re accustomed to large gatherings and family events, it’s important to take the same approach. A virtual family dinner might be non-negotiable, while organizing a preschool holiday Zoom party feels less pressing. Prioritizing is important anytime, but it’s vital now.

How much of your daily workload could be comfortably shifted to a virtual assistant, freeing up your time, energy and focus for the big things? Can your social media schedule be optimized now to carry you through the remainder of the year, giving you one less daily worry? Give yourself the gift of more time, better organization and better productivity this year, so you can actually enjoy what’s left of it.

Posted on December 1st, 2020 by Client Advocate Team

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