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New Year, New Work Habits

The end of 2020 is rapidly approaching, bringing to a close an unprecedented rollercoaster of a year. Under normal circumstances, this would be a time when people start looking toward the holiday season and the upcoming new year, focusing on hopes and goals for the year ahead. 2020 has been anything but normal circumstances, though. 

How to Plan for the Future When the Future is Unpredictable

Year-end reevaluations are relatively straightforward, even when they’re unpleasant. You have the benefit of hindsight, so it’s easy to look back and identify what went wrong. It’s a lot harder to plan for the future when no one is quite sure what the future holds. While we can be sure the pandemic will eventually come to an end. Significant cultural shifts have sprung up in its wake. 

You can’t predict how and when this will all shake out, but you can have a few loose plans of attack ready to spring into action based on a few of the most likely scenarios unique to your business. For example, would working from home at the same capacity you are now while also managing personal pandemic demands be bearable if you had no plan to manage it effectively? How would you proceed in the event of an improvement over the course of 2021 and rollbacks to mitigation measures? 

Investing Yourself Wisely

The most valuable resources you have, professionally speaking, are yourself and your skill set. To leverage them most effectively, it’s vital to figure out where you’re wasting both those resources. Someone who doesn’t navigate social media fluently will spend more time to see fewer results for their effort. Compared to an influencer or social media guru. You’re not coming up with the best way to balance work and life if you’re also trying to teach yourself the ins and outs of blogging on the fly.

Nothing is certain, but you can make impactful choices. Which better position you to weather the uncertainty for a better year ahead.

Posted on December 22nd, 2020 by Client Advocate Team

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