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Is Your Small Business Ready for Employees?

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Running your own business can be both mentally and financially rewarding. But, it can also require than even the most dedicated entrepreneur can manage sometimes. Hiring an employee or two is a major milestone. Bringing new people on board too soon can bring more stress than it relieves. Hiring your first employee means you need to be ready to take on the significant burden that is navigating payroll taxes, employment laws, and related red tape.

Before you jump headlong into hiring, it pays to examine your needs and expectations. What tasks would you like, ideally, to delegate to someone working for you? What can you comfortably afford in terms of salary and benefits? Often, a closer look at your needs and your available options can help you get the help you need without overextending your business. 

The Difference Between Traditional Employees and Independent Contractors

Are you looking for someone able to take over your social media accounts to boost engagement and drive business? Are administrative tasks consuming valuable time you could be using more efficiently elsewhere? An independent contractor can provide the services you need to improve your work/life balance. Often, without introducing the headaches that can often accompany hiring. 

After a close look at your needs and your business model, you’ll know whether you need a dedicated, on-site employee or just someone who can help handle the tedious but essential tasks. 

This is where a virtual assistant can bridge the gap beautifully. Allowing you to secure the assistance you need with less hassle and more efficiency. When you’re able to outsource things like online business management, content generation and administrative tasks to a virtual assistant, you’re better positioned to focus on what you do best. Unlike traditional employees, there’s also no long-term commitment. An offsite employee doesn’t violate social distancing requirements, and gives you flexibility during an uncertain time. 

Meeting the Individual Needs of Your Unique Business

No two entrepreneurs are alike. Because your business is as unique as you are, it’s important to work with employees and contractors who understand its individual needs. 

The ability to bring on a specialist dedicated to working in your areas of need paired with the flexibility and freedom of outsourcing those tasks can be absolutely priceless. This particularly holds true when each day brings new challenges, new demands and more uncertainty. Training a traditional employee is a time-consuming and laborious process. Often, requiring more effort and attention than handling it all yourself. If you’re not sure whether you’d see an adequate return on such a large investment, you may find it easier and more efficient to explore other options. 

Posted on January 12th, 2021 by Client Advocate Team

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