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When is Infusionsoft right?


In the age of information overload, how do you decipher the tools you should be using for your business? More importantly, how can you simplify your life and business so that you are not having to use multiple tools to do 1 simple task? Effectively communicate and track communication with your customer base. Finding a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, sales tools and e-commerce platform is not exactly a simple task. What makes it even more difficult is that normally you generally need to combine or integrate multiple services to make it all work well for your business. However, Infusionsoft  has a different plan for you.

The price point may seem high at first glance, but that’s because you do not really need any other additional software to go with it. You may not want a complete package of services right now. But if you are an established company looking to streamline your processes, here’s why Infusionsoft may be just the fit.

Marketing automation with Lead Capture and emails

Infusionsoft’s main product is a CRM , but it also includes modules for email marketing, marketing automation, sales and a full e-commerce platform

Marketing automation has come in handy for businesses. You have the chance to send relevant emails based on time and customer needs. Anyone in e-commerce realizes how important topicality is, considering a birthday, urgent order or holiday craze should fit unless you want to lose money.

The marketing automation tools are there to create landing pages, track traffic to your site and customize communication that goes out to all your customers. The whole system creates a funnel that integrates into CRM, giving you a quality environment to work with.

Sales automation with emails, tasks and agreements

You get access to comprehensive lead score tools, quotes and order management and pipeline management. Bringing in new leads looks pretty intuitive with Infusionsoft, and email notifications to salespeople can certainly help your business.

The e-commerce platform

This is bread and butter if you want a complete online storefront where you can set up a shopping cart with the most popular payment processing solutions. Order forms are available for you to customize, while fulfillment, inventory management and recurring payments are all wrapped up on the platform.

By getting help from  a certified consultant you can get a kick start to navigating Infusionsoft. Our CVA certified consultants will help you get started with:

  • Importing your email contact list with segmentation.
  • Set-up and design 1 email and 1 newsletter template.
  • Setting up your campaigns to move your leads through assigned stages.
  • Tracking what the potential sale value will be.
  • Running reports for your number of WINS and sales representatives.
  • Creating the strategy for and implementing 2 campaigns (or 2 processes or opportunities – your choice!)

And more…

Our Kickstart Success Coaches want your business running to its full potential. With the Kickstart package our coaches are available for BONUS calls. Where you can use these calls if you want ongoing training, support or strategic advice!!

Posted on February 12th, 2021 by Client Advocate Team

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