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How Writer’s Block Can Cost You Money in Almost Any Industry


When you think of writer’s block, you probably imagine a novelist struggling to tie a plot together. The truth is, for entrepreneurs in just about industry, writer’s block can be as expensive as it is frustrating. 

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March 30th, 2021 by Client Advocate Team | No Comments »

Startup: Why This Might the Perfect Time to Launch

startup launch

The economy is on shaky ground and there’s a global health crisis worsening every day. At first blush, this seems like the absolute worst time to take a risk on a new startup. Take a closer look, though, and there’s a case to be made for launching at the height of a pandemic

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March 26th, 2021 by Client Advocate Team | No Comments »

Why You Don’t Like Your Website

your website

An informal polling of any group of entrepreneurs and business owners is likely to show many of them have one thing in common. No matter their industry, they probably don’t like their websites. 

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March 23rd, 2021 by Client Advocate Team | No Comments »

Dedication – The Key to Success

Having dedication as a virtual assistant is about more than your own interests or a paycheck. When you are truly dedicated, you have a passion for the work you do. You are committed to the success of your clients. Having a positive attitude and demeanor isn’t forced because you genuinely love what you do.

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March 19th, 2021 by Client Advocate Team | No Comments »

Putting an End to Your Social Media Woes

social media

Social media might make the business world go ‘round, but it’s still not everyone’s cup of tea. For professional users establishing and maintaining a brand’s web presence, it can be particularly stressful. Even power-users of personal accounts can be surprised by the tools, metrics and expertise required to keep a business account running smoothly. Learning the ins and outs of each platform means taking time away from your actual business, too. 

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March 16th, 2021 by Client Advocate Team | No Comments »

Can a VA help with copywriting?

copywriting help

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you are juggling a lot on your plate.  Marketing, networking, communicating with potential leads. It’s no surprise you’re wanting more time in the day. When running a business, it is ubiquitous to become overwhelmed by all of the things that need to be done. And guess what! It all requires copy. Being that copy is integrated throughout your business practices, let’s see how a virtual assistant (VA) can help with your copywriting needs more than you think.

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March 12th, 2021 by Client Advocate Team | No Comments »
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