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Startup: Why This Might the Perfect Time to Launch

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The economy is on shaky ground and there’s a global health crisis worsening every day. At first blush, this seems like the absolute worst time to take a risk on a new startup. Take a closer look, though, and there’s a case to be made for launching at the height of a pandemic

Why Uncertain Times Give Birth to Successful Startups

Small businesses across the United States are closing or on the verge. But, that doesn’t mean there’s no space in the market for new ventures. The truth is, many of the tools and services we’ve come to rely on to navigate this crisis were born out of the last financial crisis. Disruptive times can be the perfect breeding ground for disruptive technology or ideas. And, with a new culture of doing everything from home creates a slew of opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs.

Right now, people are turning to services and programs that help them thrive at home. Grocery delivery apps considered a convenient luxury just a year ago are now absolutely vital. Accustomed to the convenience, it’s a service many people will continue to use long after the pandemic ends. Systems built to facilitate video calls and conferences are booming. As people look for ways to connect on a personal and a professional level. With more time on their hands, huge segments of the population are suddenly avid consumers of creative content. Building parasocial relationships with creators that, in many cases, will outlive this time of quarantine. Depending on the nature of your startup and the niche you plan to fill, this could be the best possible time to start your own venture. 

Building the Right Team for a Successful Strartup launch

One of the most vital aspects of success in launching a startup at any time is building the right team. Right now, hiring traditional employees is difficult, complicated and risky; that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone, though. Working with a virtual assistant team can help you to put all the right people in the right places. On a scale, which works for you and meets the unique needs of your individual startup. 

With a clear plan and a strong business model, there may be no better time than this tumultuous era to launch your startup. Whether you’re building a new career in the wake of economic upheaval or have a vision driving you to strike out into the unknown. Opportunity is abundant even in a troubling social climate.

Posted on March 26th, 2021 by Client Advocate Team

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