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Why You Don’t Like Your Website

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An informal polling of any group of entrepreneurs and business owners is likely to show many of them have one thing in common. No matter their industry, they probably don’t like their websites. 

Your brand presence online can make or break your business, and your website is the hub to which all other avenues lead. This means a click from a social media profile or a quick web search, a marketing email conversion or redirected blog traffic all give the same first brand impression. It’s vital for this impression to be a good one. But, websites for many business ventures are lacking in one area or another. It’s not the fault of the professionals behind the brand, or even the person who built their site. 

Why So Many Websites Simply Aren’t Effective

While it may seem fairly straightforward at first blush, a business website is actually pretty complicated. It must be designed for aesthetic value but developed for functionality and optimized for marketing; these are three separate areas of expertise rarely held by a sole website creator.

To look its best, your site needs a professional designer who understands all the ways to make it shine. To function at optimum levels, it needs a developer who knows how to keep everything working properly, up to date and effective. Turning visitors into customers means you need a marketing expert. 

This is where websites for even some large and highly established brands leave something to be desired; a great site requires a collaborative effort from a team of experts. Hiring a team can be as daunting as trying to do it all yourself, though. How do you find all of these people individually? How do you ensure they have the synergy to work together throughout the project? Do they need to be full-time employees dedicated to the task?

Streamlining the Website Creation Process to Save Time, Money and Stress

While hiring in-house employees to meet business needs used to be par for the course. Modern brands tend to take a more modern, flexible approach. 

Virtual professionals do the work you need on an expert level. Leaving you free from the burdens of HR, payroll and navigating employment laws. Teams already accustomed to working together, therefore, can create a more beautiful, functional site. Often, much faster than a single creator whose strengths may only lie in one or two areas. Hiring a virtual development and design team is often less expensive and has a greater impact than other website building options, making it a perfect fit for most professional across a wide range of industries.

Posted on March 23rd, 2021 by Client Advocate Team

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