Delegate, Focus, and GROW Your Business

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Are you overrun with daily tasks that cause you to work IN your business instead of ON your business? As a busy business owner, making the most effective use of your time is a money saving investment. Read more to see why hiring one of our dedicated virtual assistants could be just the solution you are looking for!

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Self-Made Entrepreneur: How Trying to Be a Jack-of-All-Trades Can Hold You Back from Success

self-made entrepreneur

The image of a self-made entrepreneur is a popular one, but it perpetuates a myth that simply isn’t true for the vast majority of small business owners. In most cases, people establish a business venture built around their unique skills or talents, not their ability to ace all the tasks associated with business management. As your venture grows, so do the demands in two key areas: administrative and support work, and furthering your unique vision. 

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Building an Affiliate Program

You’ve already heard about building an affiliate program but haven’t thoroughly grasped how it operates, how people benefit from it, or what it is in the first place. If we were to define affiliate marketing in a single sentence, it is a marketing business model in which your clients and/or readers double as your salespeople.

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Small Business? Retain Professional Services.

For many small business owners and entrepreneurs, handling dailys tasks is effective and manageable. However, it is not always easy to recognize the first signs that your business is growing faster than your capacity to juggle all of the tasks. When you free up more of your time, you can focus on the tasks you do best for greater growth. Not to mention, if you are bogged down in the details, you can even risk stagnating your venture. 

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How To Build Long Lasting Relationships

Clients are an essential part of any successful business. If you were the only customer, you would not have a business, right!? Knowledge of your clients are key to small-business growth. The relationships you build are valuable both from a marketing and business standpoint. Here is how I apply my CVA Rockstar techniques to build long lasting client relationships.

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Why You Should Delegate and Apply the Secret Key to Success

delegate skills

Delegation may not be on your mind when you build a business venture from the ground up, there is an inherent sense of pride and responsibility that often makes it difficult to delegate tasks in times of growth. It’s not always easy to step back and let other people handle things while you focus on the things only you can manage. But, it is absolutely vital in terms of success. 

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