Delegate, Focus, and GROW Your Business

How To Build Long Lasting Relationships

Clients are an essential part of any successful business. If you were the only customer, you would not have a business, right!? Knowledge of your clients are key to small-business growth. The relationships you build are valuable both from a marketing and business standpoint. Here is how I apply my CVA Rockstar techniques to build long lasting client relationships.

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Why You Should Delegate and Apply the Secret Key to Success

delegate skills

Delegation may not be on your mind when you build a business venture from the ground up, there is an inherent sense of pride and responsibility that often makes it difficult to delegate tasks in times of growth. It’s not always easy to step back and let other people handle things while you focus on the things only you can manage. But, it is absolutely vital in terms of success. 

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List Building Takes Patience

Opt- In List Building

Have you ever seen a screen pop up on a website asking you to subscribe to their newsletter? Or have you read all the way to the bottom of a blog and seen an invitation to sign up for more related content? These are prime examples of how a business can use an effective list building strategy. The good news is with a little help from a virtual assistant you can create one as well!

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Why Your Social Media Strategy isn’t Working

social media

There are some people who seem to have an inherent understanding of maximizing their social media presence. For the rest of us, social media can be a singular source of stress and anxiety. This can be particularly true for small business owners and entrepreneurs. No matter how revolutionary your products or services, your social media strategy can feel very “make or break” for your brand. The stakes are quite high, especially for those to whom curating an immaculate feed doesn’t come naturally. 

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What Software Helps You Work With Your Virtual Assistant?

In this month’s CVA Guidance Video, we discuss the importance of having the right software to help you and your virtual assistant be more productive.

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