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Benefits Of Telesummits

Telesummits are a great tools to expand your business and reach new heights in your marketing efforts and future product offers. Successful entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and online marketers choose to host or be guests on a telesummit for many reasons. How many platforms do you know where you can reach 1000’s people who are warm leads? Hosting a telesummit allows you to create a bigger audience because of the cumulative reach of the speakers involved.

Combine this cumulative reach with the fact you are reaching people who are hearing from someone they already trust and have a relationship with only increases the outcomes. 

#1: Increase Your List Size

The primary reason business owners, especially coaches, host a telesummit is because it can be a quick and effective strategy to build your list with superb prospects. These new leads are high-quality prospects who will be standing in line to buy your products and services (without much follow-up from you)

The size of your event will determine the list growth you can expect, from the hundreds to the thousands. These new subscribers come in a short period and can be all over the world, making your reach unlimited. These new leads increase the pool of prospects you can now nurture and eventually monetize. 

Hosting a telesummit can help you grow your audience due to the cumulative reach of all the speakers involved. You will reach your list and new subscribers from your ongoing marketing efforts. You will also be capturing the audience of your speakers too. 

#2: Cement Yourself As An Expert In Your Field

When you host a telesummit, you instantly are associated with the message you are sending. This can set you apart from your competitors. For example, a health coach that works with a specific audience can capture leads that fit exactly what you are offering. 

You position yourself as a leader in your field when you host a telesummit. Telesummits increases your reputation with your desired customers and businesses much like yours. This opens collaboration opportunities with your speakers, other telesummits, builds your list, and more. It is a win-win for all involved. 

Managing the organizing, scheduling, and ensuring everything runs smoothly can be a lot of work, but working with an expert in telesummits, like Contemporary VA, can ensure you and your participants have a great experience and allow you to focus on putting the best value and face of the summit forward.  

#3: Growth And Networking In Your Field

A telesummit is a large collaborative project. It is an excellent way to learn more about other people’s businesses and the same for yours! It is also a great opportunity to start evaluating what speakers you really resonate with and allows you to discuss future partnerships and opportunities. While you want to keep each relationship professional, you want to form long-term relationships with those who are speaking with you. These joint ventures only increase your reach. 

It is important to create value for your summit. With all the information your speakers are bringing to share, not only will your audience gain many things from you and your offers but your speakers as well, while you are learning new things from your speakers also! 

When you get to know your guest speakers better and listening actively to what they share with your audience, you can come away with new ideas and growth opportunities for your business also. 

The benefits of networking and collaborating with other like-minded people should never be underestimated. 

#4: Future Product Offers

A telesummit not only can be used to increase your list and gain advances in a live setting, but this tool is an excellent source of evergreen, recurring income. The telesummit can be packaged with other offers or even alone and sold as an evergreen product, so it will keep generating revenue long after it is over. 

Get The Help You Need

It takes much effort to plan, launch and fully execute a telesummit. The technical needs of running a successful telesummit can often draw you away from the real purpose. Being an excellent host and interacting with your speakers. Do not try to tackle this whole adventure on your own!

Contemporary VA has the package and team to fully support your needs before, during, and after your telesummit is over. We can ensure that the proper programs are set up to record the event and that your speaker’s information is received promptly.

Reach out to us today to learn more and let us help you on your path to a successful telesummit. 

In the meantime, be sure to read our other helpful blogs for tips to start planning the details.

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