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Tips To Keep Your Brand Consistent on Social Media

When is the last time reviewed ALL of your social media efforts to ensure that they were consistent with your brand? Whether you are a large or small business, the key to great branding is consistency. Social media allows your brand to increase awareness with your audience. However, it can also lead to inconsistencies without the proper guidelines in place.

Why Is Consistent Branding Important?

There was a time and place with branding was limited to using the same logo and colors. Nowadays, not only are visuals relevant but so are your brand voice and personality. Your audience should distinguish your brand whether they are on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. This means having a distinctive copy as well as unique graphics. With consistency, you will attract more individuals and increase their awareness of your brand’s image.

3 Tips For Consistent Branding

The key to consistent branding is to create a unified presence on all of your social media channels from the very beginning. Clear and direct branding is relatively easy with some careful planning and helpful tips.

Create A Guideline For Your Brand

The first step you want to ensure consistency is to create a document that explains your brand in terms of visuals and content.

The visual details should include specific fonts, colors and can even include graphic templates. Graphic templates are important to create consistency when your brand has the same type of announcements. These could be announcements for new products, live video promotions, or even course offerings. Ensuring the format is the same will help your audience easily recognize the announcement and what information to look for.

The content details should include your brand’s mission, personality, and voice. Consider the purpose of your content. Is it your brand’s goal to entertain, or educate for example? Afterward, list examples of how the content should come across to your audience. This will be achieved with your brand’s personality and voice. Do you want to have a more serious tone or possibly inspirational? All these details will provide information about what makes your business unique.

Plan Your Social Media Posts

You established how the posts will look and sound with your guideline in place. Now is the time to determine a posting schedule that is effectively and consistently reaching your target audience. It is helpful to create a content calendar to document when and where to post your content. Remember that the day of the week, the time of day, and the social media channel are all important factors to incorporate in terms of consistency. Over time these factors will also help you analyze what works best for your brand.

Once you have determined a consistent schedule, you can benefit from organizing your content all in one place. Using a social media planner can help keep your posts on brand when you can look at the big picture.
Consider creating a specific brand theme or type of post so that your audience will see consistent content weekly. After reviewing all the posts for the month, ensure that your brand personality and voice are consistent throughout every post.

Consistent Brand Management

One of the best ways to make your social presence consistent is to have the right person in place to manage your brand. The right person will ensure that your brand stays consistent with your guidelines, posting schedule, and content specifics. This is much harder to accomplish when different departments produce copy and edit without meeting to see the big picture. Even a team in charge of specific tasks such as creation, production, and management of your brand’s posts would be more effective in terms of consistency.

In addition, the right person or team will help your brand scale as your social media presence grows. This could include re-branding or re-evaluation of the current strategy. Small changes in your brand’s messaging or visuals could be required over time or due to current events. Guarantee that your brand will remain consistent throughout the changes by ensuring the right person manages the overhaul.

Implement These Ideas

Everything that your business does online is a representation of your brand. As we have already stated, your branding is how you will attract new customers and create loyal ones. While it does take some time to build brand awareness online, using the tips above will help set you on the right path!

Posted on August 31st, 2021 by Client Advocate Team

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