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Are You Delegating Successfully To Your Virtual Assistant?

Delegating work to your virtual assistant.

Delegating a project to someone else can be difficult. But, it is important for business owners and managers to do so if they are busy or overwhelmed with other tasks. By delegating projects, you will free up time in your schedule for other activities like networking, meeting new clients, or brainstorming new ideas. This blog post will provide some tips on how to delegate successfully!

4 Steps To Delegating A Project

The most successful projects always start with a straightforward process and plan in place. Since we all communicate differently, it’s important that what you want is understood by your virtual assistant receiving the instructions on how to complete your work. Otherwise, there will be uncertainty as well as wasted time during implementation.

(If you have just started delegating to a virtual assistant, be sure to read 5 Easiest Tasks to Delegate to a V.A. to begin your delegation journey.)

1. Share Your Vision

Before delegating your project to your virtual assistant, take a moment and create a brief document outlining your goals for the business. When you assign the project, spend a moment and provide an explanation about what you hope to achieve from the project and how it aligns with your business goals.

There are several benefits to sharing your vision of the business and the bigger picture of your projects:

  • Faster delivery of projects
  • Lower cost
  • Better results
  • Helpful recommendations

(You may find that some of your business goals may require help from others. Read our article about setting S.M.A.R.T Goals With Your VA.)

2. Provide Clear Instructions

When delegating a project it is important to remember that clarity reigns supreme when it comes to successful project instructions. When you focus on clarity not only will the project be completed more quickly but it will also be more accurate.

Use the process below to ensure that you are providing the clearest instructions possible:

1. Create Context For The Project – Discuss how the project fits into your business and then get into the details.

2. Write Down Your Instructions – Create a short paragraph of instructions for the project and then follow with the smaller details.

3. Proofread Your Instructions – Review your instructions and ensure your VA has everything they need to be successful: Files? Resources? Access?

4. Ask If They Have Questions – Follow up with your VA to see if your instructions were clear.

3. Use Measurable Success Factors

Your next step when delegation a project is to communicate what factors will determine if the project is a success. Measurable success factors are specific numerical directions such as – “Create a list of 25 newsletter topics.” As opposed to, ” Create a list of newsletter topics.” Providing measurable instructions ensures that you are effectively delegating what you are looking for in terms of the project’s success.

A specific measurable factor is not always possible but when used will ensure that you will be satisfied with the result. When you are unable to use a measurable factor, be sure to include as many other details as possible. For example, who the target audience is for your newsletter, and when you would like it scheduled.

4. Provide Project Feedback

Finally, to ensure you are delegating successfully to your virtual assistant, it is important to conduct a post-project review. The review does not have to be lengthy, however. Sometimes a simple “great job!” lets your virtual assistant know that you received the project and it can be crossed off their list.

For complex projects, providing honest feedback ensures your VA can continually improve with each delegated project. Use this format when providing honest feedback to your VA:

  • List What Your VA Did Well – Outline the positive elements of the work and thank the VA for their work. 
  • List What You Would Change – Share feedback on how the project could have been done differently.

This format allows you to communicate your thoughts while remaining constructive. When you start delegating projects, your feedback is very important to build a great relationship with your virtual assistant.

Recapture Your Time By Delegating

Delegating a project to your VA can be an excellent way of freeing up time for other work or tasks. With the right process, you will have more control over the outcome and it will take less time to complete. If you’re ready to delegate your next task, contact us today!

We offer a variety of services from administrative support such as data entry or social media management all the way to CRM consulting and website design. Our team is experienced in completing delegated projects so that they are completed quickly with little oversight needed on your end.

Posted on September 21st, 2021 by Client Advocate Team

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