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Back To School: 3 Helpful Tips To Stay Productive

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The beginning of September is always a hectic time. Back to school means getting the kids ready for their first day of class, packing lunches, and getting back into the work routine after summer vacation. It can be hard not to experience a decrease in productivity during this time. Here are three helpful tips on how you can avoid that dip in your business’s output this back-to-school season!

3 Helpful Tips To Stay Productive During Back to School

Create A Calendar

Using a calendar will help you become more productive and ensure that your work doesn’t extend into your personal or family time. Your calendar can include as much or a little as you need to help keep you, your family, and your business on track. With the increased use of smartphones, using Google Calendar helps make the calendar sharable and color-coded so you can avoid scheduling issues. Also, the ability to sync your work calendar and personal calendar helps ensure you can adequately prepare for all your business and home responsibilities.

Sit down to review the calendar every Sunday and help set your week up for success. Checking your calendar helps you get ahead and prevents any surprises from popping up and interrupting essential tasks. In addition, you can use the calendar to create a daily task checklist and eliminate the stress of worrying about what needs to be done next.

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Schedule Important Tasks In The Morning

Research has shown that most people tend to be more productive in the morning as opposed to later in the day. The morning is when your brain has the most energy for completing challenging projects or thinking creatively. Therefore you will be the most productive if you determine the most critical tasks for the day and set aside a time block to complete the tasks first thing. Once your critical tasks are completed, the rest of your day’s schedule will be more open, allowing flexibility for any smaller tasks that may pop up. 

In addition, ask your co-workers if they are available for morning meetings. This will also free up time late in the day to keep up with any requests from clients that require immediate assistance. As well as any personal or family activities that may happen later in the day when school is out. Remember to block out additional time between meetings and tasks for some personal time. For example, schedule a 40-minute meeting for 60 minutes and use that 20 minutes to reflect, meditate or just catch your breath!

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Ask For Help

There are going to be times when achieving a productive work-life balance is going to be more challenging. Maybe you are working on a massive overhaul of your marketing strategy or have a new upcoming season of webinars. Ensure you focus on the most important tasks and delegate the smaller tasks to available coworkers or assistants to help free up more of your workday. If a task is more technical or in a different area of expertise, it will increase your productivity to delegate these tasks as well. This allows you to focus on your talents and what you can bring to your business.

It is also beneficial to share at-home responsibilities with friends and family during these busy times. Chances are they too also face the same work-life balancing act from time to time and will be very understanding if you need help picking up the slack for a week or two. You can focus on your work while your friend or family member ensures that your kids are in the right place at the right time. Just be sure to return the favor once your work schedule clears up!

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Back to school is a time of year that many people dread, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these three helpful tips, and you will stay productive at work and also in your personal life during this busy season. First, create a calendar with a checklist so that you can see all the tasks at once and prioritize them accordingly. Next, schedule important tasks in the morning to help free up the rest of your day. Finally, ask for help from others if you feel overwhelmed by what feels like an insurmountable task list.

Back To School Still Has You Stressed?

We hope our three helpful tips will help you stay productive during the back to school season. If these strategies aren’t working for you, or if they are but you want a little extra help, we can assist.

Let us know, and one of our experts on staff will be happy to take over your tasks so that you have more time to do what matters most this fall – growing your business!

Posted on September 29th, 2021 by Client Advocate Team

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