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3 Thanksgiving Business Lessons

This week amongst the festive chaos of Thanksgiving, it can be easy to lose the feeling of a thankful heart.

Read our Thanksgiving-inspired lessons below to remind you of everything there is to be grateful for!

Thanksgiving Inspired Lessons

Thanksgiving day is just around the corner!

Which means it is the perfect time to reflect on your blessings and give thanks.

While you spend time focusing on gratitude for your personal life, it is also important to be thankful for your business’s success.

Here are a few lessons inspired by Thanksgiving that you can apply to your business:

Start Your Planning Early

If you are hosting Thanksgiving at your house, it can take weeks of planning to pull off a successful meal. However, when you lay down the proper groundwork, have your recipes planned, and cook dishes in advance, everyone can enjoy a stress-free and delicious meal.

Likewise, the end of the year is perfect for business planning. Plan out your next year’s set of business goals and strategies to achieve them. Not only will this setup your next year for success, but you will feel more prepared and thus motivated to start the new year out with a bang.

Don’t Overload Your Plate

Once you see the Thanksgiving dinner buffet all set up on the table, it is hard not to get excited about all the delicious food you will eat. One plate turns into two, seconds turn into thirds, and don’t forget dessert. However, overindulgence can lead to consequences like a highly full belly and an unintended after-dinner nap.

Likewise, overfilling your plate is common among small business owners and entrepreneurs. It is easy to be excited about all ideas you have for your business, but it is essential to be realistic about how many goals you can work on at one time. Otherwise, excitement can easily lead to burnout, resulting in decreased business growth. Be sure to set the right amount of goals for yourself. In addition, ask for help when it is needed. These two actions will set the right balance of work so that you can avoid the after-meal crash.

Express Your Thanks

Many families share the Thanksgiving tradition of expressing what they are thankful for this year during dinnertime. These sentiments are often the best time to let the people you care about know their positive effect on your life. Sharing words of gratitude help strengthen relationships and build bonds that will last many years to come.

You should adopt this sentiment for your business and share words of gratitude with everyone who has made a positive impact over the past year. Do you have employees that have done an amazing job? When was the last time you sent a simple message of thanks to your customers? This season is the perfect time to let your staff, partners, and customers alike know how much you appreciate them. Sending a personalized, handwritten note is a fantastic way to express your feelings of thanks.

Wishing You A Happy Thanksgiving From Our Team at Contemporary Virtual Assistance!

How We Can Help This Thanksgiving

Please contact us if you need some assistance so that your plate is not overly full.

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Read our article Virtual Assistance: How We Can Help During The Holidays
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Posted on November 24th, 2021 by Client Advocate Team

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