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Why Did We Choose Infusionsoft For CVA?

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You may already know that Contemporary VA is an Infusionsoft Certified Partner. However, did you know that we also use the software for our own business? We knew that Infusionsoft would be the best fit when evaluating our company’s needs. Read more for a few significant benefits we discovered that caused us to choose Infusionsoft.

The Benefits When You Choose Infusionsoft

Robust Reporting Features

One significant benefit was the variety of reporting features available. We can evaluate how our list engages based on subject lines, how information is presented when links are clicked, and when individuals opt-out of receiving our emails. Many platforms available do not give the level of reporting that Infusionsoft offers. Not only can we adjust the subject lines or content message to improve the engagement we receive from our list, but the reporting also helps to keep our data clean. Since we moved to Infusionsoft, our open rate has gone up from 15% to 80%!

Intricate Email Campaigns

Another benefit would be the ability to customize email campaigns. You can create email campaigns designed for your customers based on your customers’ preferences and reactions. With our campaigns and tagging system, the emails have become more personal and send the right message to each lead at the right time. It has also helped us respond quickly to inquiries, introduce our business to newcomers, and consistently communicate with leads over weeks or months to nurture a lead into a sale.

Automation and Lead Management

Finally, the last significant benefit was our team’s ability to manage our prospective clients. For each level our team moves through, tasks are assigned to keep us on track and to move forward. Notes are kept in one location, including all information on prospective leads to see the details involved quickly. Additionally, we could automate pieces of the process to reduce manual time. Our team spends, which averaged a 27% savings of our time, all from simply using Infusionsoft.  Just imagine what YOU could do with 27% more time to work within your business.

Would You Choose Infusionsoft For Your Business?

What would stop you if you knew that you could engage (and convert) more of your list and save your time to focus on growing your business? If you would like to see a demo of Infusionsoft or discuss if your business needs could benefit from this system, please contact Contemporary VA today!

Posted on February 16th, 2022 by Client Advocate Team

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